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Removing glue

In the workshop

Shaping the handle

Burl net with bronze monogram

Copper inlay

Bloodwood heart

Azurite bear paw

Forget the size

Jail breaking cutthroat

The safe way

A carp

Making curls

Two-toned blue merle/blonde buckeye burl

Buckeye burl curved net with Azurite Inlays

Rough but beautiful

Merle buckeye burl and wenge

Exquisite buckeye burl net

Australian banksia tree

Hand-carved bronze monogram

Inlays of malachite

Knocking down sharp edges

Knocking down edges

Pressing the lanyard ferrule

Free-hand carving the year and net number

Step 1 - Drawing

Step 2 - Free-hand carving

Step 3 - The finished mayfly

Carp Yin & Yang

Natural azurite/malachite fill

Requested inlay of an azurite bear paw

Inlaid Kingman turquoise

Prepped for release

The studio

Shaped using rasps, files and hand sanding

Lanyard hole

Thumb groove

Rough cutting

Writing the year

Cutting out the basic handle shape

A finished set

Basic inlay steps

Figured claro walnut

Carving a client's inscription

A hand-carved copper mayfly

Sierra Nevada backcountry lake

Dual magnetic vehicle rod holder

Custom reel seats

Rod holder

Spalted maple reel seat


Golden trout

Fly fishing for carp

A healthy Sierra brown trout

The California State Fish

Alaskan Leopard

A quick toss

Nushagak River Rainbow

Using a cabinet scraper

Sanding a landing net

The curly aftermath

Greg Madrigal - Jim Stimson - Matt McCormick - Camille Egdorf