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A close-up

Hackled and just dubbed

Squiddy, shrimpy

Sea trout country

Sea trout country

Sea trout country

Sea trout country


Step 1: Hook and bead

Step 2: Start thread

Step 3: Fold rubber legs

Step 4: Cut

Step 5: Rubber legs ready

Step 6: Tie in rubber legs

Step 7: Trim butts

Step 8: Cut thread and varnish

Step 9: Press bead back

Step 10: Start thread again

Step 11: Tie in hackle

Step 12: Ready for dubbing

Step 13: Dub body

Step 14: Dubbed

Step 15: Wrap hackle

Step 16: Tie down hackle

Step 17: Form head

Step 18: Whip finish

Step 19: Cut thread

Step 20: Varnish

Step 21: Done

The famous banana skirt

My dad backing Josephine Baker


Martin Joergensen - Unknown