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In the rod holder

Weapons of choice


Light, yet powerful

Drifting a fly

The Loop S1

A typical view

Bent rod

Nils Folmer Jorgensen

Small salmon

Serious fish


111 centimeters in the shallow

Silver bar

111 centimeters

Icelandic ambiance

Salmon landed


One meter plus

Tiny flies

Small flies

Scott Centric

Scott Radian

Scott Radian

Loop Cross S1

Volcanic combo

Loomis GLX

Loomis Asquith

Asquith #8

Not much space

Dangling a line

Winston #7

The rudder

Reel and fish

Kype and fly

Scott NRX 10' #8

Job done

Shooting rainbows

Nils Folmer Jorgensen