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The four new models

The old and the new model

Glued on the aluminum

Sawing with the metal handsaw

Rough cut

Reinforced plastic and aluminum rough cut

Partly machined

The fine finish with a sanding cylinder

Finished holder without the rounded edges

Drilling the weight reducing holes

Use of a diamond cutter

Reinforced plastic and aluminum holder

Reinforced plastic

Drilling the tube hole - very accurately!

Disassembly of a bobbinholder for the tube.

The polished entrance hole of the tube

Fitting the tubes

The thin shafts in place

Turning the rulon axle

Drilling the guide ring hole

Showing the guide ring position in the holder

Manufacturing the drag knob on the lathe

Drag knobs and the hard rubber disk

Milling the grips of the drag knob on the milling machine

Punching the felt disk

The soft rubber grips½

All the parts without the guide ring

Carbon fiber sheet material

Two carbon fiber Hummingbirds ready for tying

Reinforced plastic and aluminum model

One way of holding the Hummingbird. A nice fit!

The old and the new model

Reinforced plastic model

Aluminum model

Carbon fiber model - very lightweight

The drag system

The pattern for the leather cases

The front and the rear pattern

The edges are glued and the snaps have been placed

Ready for making the stitching holes

Making the stitching holes with a stitching chisel

Thread and needles

Using a stitching pony for clamping

Sewn leather case is ready

Painting the edges with edge paint

Finished leather case with my logo

All five finished leather cases

Top part of the wooden stand

The complete stand

A nice stand for some nice bobbinholders

My very crowded tying bench

Tom Biesot