Published Apr 2. 2023 - 1 year ago
Updated or edited Apr 6. 2023

The Third Yarn Thief

How to tie the fly pattern that I "invented" in connection with a discussion about coming up with new fly patterns.

Third Yarn Thief
Third Yarn Thief
Martin Joergensen

The history of this fly is covered in depth in the article How to invent a fly pattern. But since a few asked me for an SBS while this was going on back in December 2022, I thought I'd bring you the fly pattern here.
It's a fairly simple fly, but thanks to its colors and the ribbed segments it appears nice and pretty fancy.

Third Yarn Thief
Pattern type: 
Cold saltwater fly
Martin Joergensen

A grub style fly for sea trout and other species.

Ahrex Bomber #2
Black 8/0
Soft black feather like Black Bird Fur Chickabou or marabou and a few straws of clear flash
Flat silver tinsel, small
Rear body
Warm yellow yarn
Center hackle
Brahma hen dyed partridge
Front body
Orange yarn
Front hackle
Brahma hen dyed partridge
Black tying thread, varnished
Skill level/difficulty: 
A little difficult
  1. Start the thread at the hook bend
  2. Tie in 2-4 straws of flash, about half shank length
  3. Tie in the soft black feather and wrap 2-4 times
  4. Tie down and trim remaining butt
  5. Tie slightly down to make a tail
  6. Tie in the rib
  7. Tie in the yellow yarn
  8. Wrap forwards to the center of the shank
  9. If it's very thin or you want a fat body on the fly, you may need 2-3 layers of yarn
  10. Tie down and trim
  11. Wrap the rib in 4-6 turns over the rear body
  12. Tie down and bring tag forwards
  13. Don't trim!
  14. Prepare and tie in the first Brahma feather
  15. Wrap 2-4 times
  16. Tie down and trim remaining tip
  17. Tie in the orange yarn and wrap forwards to the front of the shank
  18. Leave room for a hackle and the head
  19. Tie down and trim yarn
  20. Wrap the rib in 4-6 turns over the front body
  21. Tie down and trim
  22. Prepare and tie in the second Brahma feather
  23. Wrap 2-4 times
  24. Tie down and trim remaining butt
  25. Form a head
  26. Whip finish, trim and varnish
  27. Trim the flash in the tail if too long





Pull back



Tail feather


Tie in

Trim stem

Wrap and tie down

Form tail


Tied in

Yellow yarn

Tied in


Tie down and trim

Wrap rib

Tie down and DON'T trim!

First hackle


Bring back rib

Tie in yarn

Wrap yarn

Tie down and trim

Wrap the rib

Front hackle

Curved side forward

Wrap the hackle

Tie down and trim

Stroke back

Form a head

Whip finish

Trim tail

Varnish head

2-3 layers makes it nice


Martin Joergensen
Wool yarn is great
Wool yarn is great for this fly
Martin Joergensen

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