Published Jan 4. 2006 - 14 years ago
Updated or edited Jun 6. 2019

A cozy mess

The small board is not quite enough for all the feathers and furs that you will most likely also be needing, so a table nearby may be a good idea if you tie with the board on your lap. Or you can place the tying station on a table like here.


I really like this l...

I really like this layout. I am going to try to build one for myself, not much on woodworking, although I am good at drawing things.
My wife is always complaining about all of the stuff lying around the living room when I work.
I have an idea that might be good. If you built a docking station (similar to the concept used for a laptop computer) that would have drawers for supplies, etc. You could then work say in the garage with this set up or take the top off and use it while watching TV, for tying flies anywhere. It would also give you a place to store it between TV time and tying flies.

Hi there, just surfe...

Hi there, just surfed in and been having a wee look at your idea for a TV lap tying table.
It's a very interesting idea. When I first got into fly fishing and tying, I tried to find ideas such as yours with no joy. It's really nice to see your design :o)
Very best wishes and kind regards from North Ayrshire in Scotland ... George :o)