Published Jun 21. 2017 - 6 years ago
Updated or edited Jul 29. 2017

Boys' day out

This is a 10 year old trip report that I happened to read again and decided to make into a small article.

Sexy white underpants
Nice coast
Sexy underwear, sexy beach
Martin Joergensen - Henning Eskol

This is a small trip report from our internal report site – a sort of intranet that I have been running with a group of friends since 2003. We register our trips and catches on this site, telling small stories to the others and uploading images.
It's a fun site to visit, tapping into your own past trips and the trips of others, browsing the impressive collection of data: 2,340 trips to 477 locations. Illustrated with no less than 22,974 pictures and containing a register of 6,428 fish caught. Currently there are 20 people with access and an almost equal number registered as “friends”, meaning that they appear in the stats, but have no access. Some have have slipped out of the inner circle, others just participated in enough trips to earn them a friend status.
The following story is from July 1st 2007, so it's quite precisely 10 years old as this is written. It's a very normal report in the system. A short story accounting for two people fishing one day. 20 pictures and five fish registered. The number of fish indicates a successful trip, and I certainly recall it as such.
The original story was written in Danish, but I have tried to translate it as directly as possible, indicating the tone of voice often found in these reports.

Henning Eskol

The report

Let me say it right away: you should not stop fishing for 2-3 weeks! It leads to grinding sprockets in the machinery, no power on the batteries in the camera, no overview over waders and socks and altogether only confusion and mess.
It's MUCH better to go fishing a couple of times a week, keeping things in line.

With the prevailing wind direction (basically all directions) and the mild summer weather (rainy, windy and rainy again), there was only one thing to do and that was to head for the water. The weather forecast said that Sunday would be almost OK, and Henning and I agreed on a late morning departure heading towards something wet.

The cliffs
Onshore wind
Along the coast
Martin Joergensen

One of our favorite spots was located exactly where we left it last, but according to Henning's car navigator, we had to cruise east and west, left and right and through several unknown villages to get to the place where we had been so many times before. And on the same single trip! Amazing how the electronics can literally drive you around, leading you along new and strange roads to places where you have been dozens of times before.
Inside this machine there must be a small jester laughing, thinking: "Such a couple of schmucks! Just see how I can get them to drive around!"
Well, the day was as long as the road, so we chatted and drank coffee until the windy shores lay before our feet.

I had brought some extra water from home – about a cupful in each wader foot. I transferred it to my only dry socks with a swift move as I pulled on the waders... and then spent half an hour walking around in sexy white underpants, swearing while waders and socks were drying.
Henning started the walk towards the tip while I drank coffee and waited.
A man can only take so much wringing, wiping and waiting, so I decided to let the water be water. My waders are more like a wetsuit than a dry ditto anyway, and I knew I was going to be wet no matter what, so I might as well take like a man and get in the wet clothes!

Soon a dog and man were walking along the beach, joining Henning who was already in the water on the first corner.

Shortly after I was fishing too, but the wind was more or less straight on and it was not that interesting. And the heavier rod that I used – armed with a new shooting head – wasn’t running 100% because the head was too long and too heavy (no, not my head!). So I reeled in and dragged myself to the tip where the wind gave the my lighter spare rod better conditions.

Fish in the current
Small rainbow
Another small rainbow
Fish were caught
Martin Joergensen - Henning Eskol
Freshly caught
Yet another one
Happy camper
A presentation
Big smile
One more
Henning Eskol

And the lighter rod is much more fun to fish with – especially when you are catching fish. You can actually say this about all rods, can't you...? Well, the hidden message in that sentence was, of course, that we caught fish. The local fish farm once again changed a dull and unproductive day to a cheerful one. I hooked three of its escaped rainbows, the biggest one about three kilos or 6 lbs., and Henning hooked two. All of them full of energy, long runs and several jumps and actually a lot of fun. These fish were not quite as fat and disgusting as they can be. We kept three for the pot, lost one and released one.

Then came the rain after an otherwise beautiful day. The wind turned onshore and the celebrations ended. I picked a good bouquet of wild flowers for my wife, and set a short and direct course home – the shortest and most direct one according to my navigator, which is based on an advanced and well-developed neural network combined with years of intricate programming.

As fat as they come
Nice fish
A nice one
Henning Eskol

We passed by the music festival in Roskilde and sent a friendly thought to the thousands of participants in the rain – one of them my oldest son Magnus.

A flower
Fishing the reef
Small views and large
Henning Eskol

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