Published Jan 1. 2001 - 23 years ago
Updated or edited Mar 14. 2016

Toilet ring dubbing wax

Here's a quick and simple way to make your own dubbing wax if you don't have the patience or confidence to custom blend your own.

Here's a quick and simple way to make your own dubbing wax if you don't have the patience or confidence to custom blend your own.If you are more inclined to custom blend your own, see the detailed instructions in the article Making Your Own Dubbing Wax by Steve Williams.
This method is really quite simple and requires only a few simple tools.For under $2.00 you will have everything you'll need to make your own cannisters of dubbing wax that will last you a lifetime.I have found the wax ring used in sealing toilet bowls has the consistency of tying wax I prefer. It is pasty and tacky; perfect for most tying applications.To make your own containers of toilet-bowl tying wax you will need:

  • Kitchen tongs
  • An aluminum soda can
  • Metal shears or sturdy craft shears
  • Paper towels
  • A small sauce pan
  • Water
  • A toilet bowl wax sealing ring (any hardware will carry these; about $1.50)
  • Small containers with lids (Can buy them at American Science & Surplus)

melting_can.jpg (5984 bytes)

Cut a soda can about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom.Pinch a pouring spout in the lip of the can with your fingers. (circled). Be very careful of the sharp jagged edges of the aluminum soda can.

meltingwax1.jpg (13161 bytes)
Bring about 1" of water to a raging boil. Too much water will overflow the can and water will get into the melting wax.This is not desirable.
Cut a 2" section of the toilet bowl wax ring and place it in the aluminum can.Carefully place the aluminum can in the boiling water. The wax will begin melting right away.

meltingwax2.jpg (12985 bytes)
Stir the wax with a toothpick or something similar until the wax has all melted.It will look golden brown like honey.

pouring_wax.jpg (15120 bytes)
Line up the dubbing wax containers on a piece of paper towel.The paper towel will prevent from making a nasty mess on your counter top if you miss the cannisters while pouring. Quickly and carefully pour the melted wax in each container. The can and wax will cool quickly.You may have to reheat the wax a time or two again.

film_cannisters.jpg (7343 bytes)
Film cannisters make for great dubbing wax containers, however, one film cannister will most likely last you literally a life-time.You'll get more than a dozen film cannisters full of dubbing wax from one toilet bowl wax ring, so consider gathering a few of your friends to share in on your dubbing wax creation.

steves_wax.jpg (9926 bytes)
I found in a local Chicago-area odds-n-ends surplus store (American Science & Surplus) a few smaller containers about the same diameter of a film cannister. These make great dubbing wax containers.Consider pill containers or old liptsick tubes as well.You can see that I've even labelled my cannister "Steve's Tying Wax"!

A few words about American Science & Surplus. If you are looking for that weird container or small brass gidgy or a reddish black thingamabob, AS&S will most likely have it.As an example: I made a rod wrapping jig from 100% parts purchased at AS&S. They had tension adjusters, teflon thread guides, dowels, everything! Give them a call and ask them if they have what you are looking for.

PS - When site co-owner Martin Joergensen visited me last January (1999), I took him to this store. Just ask Martin, he was amazed at what you could find in this store! We spent over two hours there!



I have just tried th...

I have just tried the newest toilet wax ring and the new petroleum wax works very well as dubbing wax.

toilet rings are now...

toilet rings are now made from a petroleum wax as opposed to beeswax (10yrs ago). Is this recipe assuming beeswax, or the modern petro-wax?

you could use test t...

you could use test tubes as contianers to

I have used these wa...

I have used these wax rings for years. I like your system of melting into containers. Do you have a website for this supplier?

how to make bowl ring wax less sticky and more solid ...

good day guys

i would like to ask if any one here knows how to make the toilet bowl wax ring less sticky and alil more hard.
i seen the video by davie mcphill how he prepares his wax, he uses the veniar wax its actually alil hard and he brakes off small pieces and places onto his index finger.
so i would like to know if any one knows the ingredient to make it alil bit more harder



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