Published Jan 5. 2017 - 7 years ago
Updated or edited Apr 27. 2018

Episode 2 - Fly Fishing The San Juan River

If you haven't ever fly fished the quality waters on the San Juan River in New Mexico, you are missing out. Trout are everywhere, and its difficult not to hook a few. The problem there though is that your best bet for hooking trout is with small midges in the 28-32 size verity. Also you need to use really light tippet like 6x. Flourocarbon is best. Because the river is fished quite heavily, the trout come accustom to knowing what is a fly, and what is not, so you need to fish really light. These are not small trout, and therefor its difficult to bring them in. The small hooks rip out of their mouths, and the light tippet snaps when you put any pressure on the fish. Fighting a large trout can take you 10-20 minutes before getting it in, and by that time you have lots of chances to loose them.

The rod I was using is a TFO Lefty Kreh Professional Series II which is a bit more moderate action then the last rod I was using. However it didnt seem to help much with bringing the larger sized trout in on these tiny nymphs. I tried very hard not to put much pressure on the fish when fighting, however I still lost them.

The reel I was using is a Sage 2250, and the line was Rio Mainstream WF5F, a simple $40 fly line. You don't need much more then the mainstream line on this river due to not having to cast very far to often.

I hooked 4 good sized trout, and one was well over 20". In fact, the one I lost due to it wrapping around "big rock" was easily 22-24". I just could not put enough pressure on him to steer him clear of the rock.



Just curious, why did you...

Just curious, why did you spell lose- loose? I see this all the time, do you not know better or why exactly? thanks

Martin Joergensen's picture



If their/there/they're, too/two, it's/its and lose/loose is your battle, you are basically bound to lose (pun intended).

Even I, as a non-native English speaker, find these errors all the time, and even though they do bother me, they don't take much away from my appreciation of the fact that people actually make great content (like this video) that I can read and watch for free. Sure it would be nice if everything was spelled perfectly, but that's not the case I'm afraid. And the errors are becoming more and more common. That's part of how language develops.

I'm sure the spelling control simply convinces people that all is OK - and that time will roll over us ant *beep*'ers as many of the "alternative" spellings eventually will be allowed and finally the norm.

Dame Juliana spelled the title of her book "A treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle". She would probably roll over in her grave if she saw it written "A treatise of fishing with a rod" as we would do it today.


Spelling mistakes happen,...

Spelling mistakes happen, were not all perfect. I personally have always been bad at spelling and language, so it happens more with me then most. Sorry to all the grammar natzis out there... haha!

Some people are good at language, others at math, etc... you might be good at English, and language in general. Maybe your also good at math, not sure. We just aren't all the same. I was doing advanced algebra at 4 years old, however couldn't pass English classes to save my life. I don't think negatively about people who can't do math, because I rejoice in their strengths not their weaknesses. I hope those who have a problem with misspelling can understand that as well.


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