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Blushing Onyx Nymph

The Blushing Onyx fly pattern is something I've been working on for just a short time and have only had a chance to get out fishing with it a couple times. So far, it's been producing really well in the creeks I've fished it, bringing several nice resident #rainbowtrout, #brooktrout and even a couple river chubs. The idea for this trout fly comes from a discussion I've had with Joe and Sean about the visibility of the hotspot on flies like the Mohawk Hotspot PTN. We were questioning how visible the spot would be tied either on the top or bottom of the fly. I think it was concluded that the hot spot tied as a collar, or in the round, would be the strongest hotspot. We talked about adding the hot spot to the top and bottom or even just using a hot bead, but I think this blushed effect on a dark bead provides a nice middle ground for the dark nymph. Blushing Onyx Nymph Fly Pattern Recipe Hook: Firehole 516 #12-16 Bead: Black tungsten Thread: Black 8/0 (70d) Cheek: Pink floss, polish, UV resin Tail: Black hackle fibers Body: Black Ultrawire (brassie) Thorax: Black Diamond Dubbing (Ice) Body Coat: Bone Dry UV resin Contact: Web: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Southern California by Riot (Royalty Free Music) Camera: Nikon CoolPix B700 Vise: Griffin Montana Mongoose Check out my books on Blurb