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my congratulations f...

my congratulations for your videos. they are really great! thank you

A very good side wit...

A very good side with fine patterns for every fly-tyer.
Keep up the good work.

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John, That certai...


That certainly depends on what video(s) you are referring to... if it's the ones that I have made, I'm using a Waldron vise, which is no longer available on the market. You can find them used, but they are pretty expensive.


Hello I have been ...

I have been watching some of your fly tying videos and I would like to know what is the brand of fly tying vise you are using. It seems quite unique and great for small dry flies. If you could send me information on where I might buy this vise I would be greateful.

Need to number the f...

Need to number the fly tying video's so when I want to look at a certain page I can put that video's number in an go right to it. I only get a little time on the computer so I like to see what I want not have to go through 200 video's to get to it. Thank you that would be so helpful.

This is one hell of ...

This is one hell of a good site !

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Bent, I have no i...


I have no idea why the videos aren't showing. I have IE10 and it's working nicely here. Most of the videos need Adobe Flash to work, and you need to have that installed and working to watch them. If you go to this page you can see if Flash is working and what version you have.


Hi I have internet ...

I have internet Explorer 10, but when I download a video I can not see it - perhaps you can explain it for me.

Best Regards
Bent Riis Jensen - Denmark,.

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Tom, I added...


I added a search facility to the video section. You can still find videos through the normal search page, but this new one searches videos only.


Great site! Just som...

Great site! Just some constructive feedback, there should be a search function exclusively for videos. There's way too much content to use the regular search effectively!.

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Our regular search function searches all over the site - including in the videos. You will find it in the Site tools menu above all pages, and there's a search box in the left hand column on the front page, which searches instantly - also in the videos.

It might be a little hard to find, but it still gets used every 10-20 seconds, so it isn't completely out of sight.

We used to have a search field on all pages, but the battle for real estate in the top of the pages was lost by the search field. I have considered reinstating it, but haven't done anything about it.


I regularly check...

I regularly check the site and love it. But what i miss overall and especially in videos is a Search Function.
If there is one it needs to be more clear.

Thanks for given me ...

Thanks for given me all this nice Videos and Stuff.


The fly tying is goo...

The fly tying is good i liked the Big easy & friends . thay are easy to tye .And look to be right on the muney.

Good to see some new...

Good to see some new ones . Didnt whatch them all . But will have plenty of avoes when theres not much else doing .So thay will be enjoable .Thanks for that.

This is the best sit...

This is the best site on the web . It kept me watching for days .Its grate to have so much information in one place .I well be very happy to hear for you as often as is posible . Thank you very much.

i love this site and...

i love this site and will recomend it to my fishing friends

Well done. It is a v...

Well done. It is a very nice photo gallary. I liked it very much.

Excellent website, g...

Excellent website, great way for the Fly Fishing Fraternity to showcase their Fly Tying and Fly Fishing experiences and share it with people wanting to get into this Fly Fishing Caper.

Hello GFF Beautiful...

Hello GFF
Beautiful - thanks from Denmark

Thanks for this site...

Thanks for this site. I am still new to fly fishing, but it has taken over my life. And now I'm tying my own flies! Lot's of fun and with a site like this... it's getting scary about the amount of flies I am tying!

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elnegropescador, ...


Maybe and maybe not.

I'm not able to grant you any such permission, but you will have to follow the video to the source (Vimeo, YouTube etc.) and contact the individual copyright holders. I just use the sharing function that the originators have provided to show you the best videos that I have found out there.


can we use some of t...

can we use some of this material in tv show in sudamerica?

Full marks for your ...

Full marks for your efforts to bring quality news, info, and video to the web. I'm hooked!

Tarpon Springs, FL

The Congratulations,...

The Congratulations, beautiful videos and excellent fishing and fly tying classes of flies

Carlos Villagra R.
Los Angeles - Chile.

some great video's y...

some great video's you have here . absoulty awsome

videos on teaching...

videos on teaching fly fishing would be helpfull are learning to fly fish i like to see more of these type of videos

From Norman ...

From Norman
Thank you for this wonderful webb site on flytying which is then put unto to videos excellent keep the good work coming.

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Witz, I'm using F...


I'm using Firefox and I also have a Flash blocker enabled, but I can't recreate what you say you are experiencing... When I click either the video title, the thumbnail or the text "View XXX in full size" I see the video as intended - I just have to enable Flash for the single video with a click.

We absolutely don't want to deceit anybody! Just deliver nice videos...


Every video whose te...

Every video whose teaser I click on ("watch xxx here") just leads to another page of teasers, and again and again and again.

If there's a purpose to this deception, I can't figure out what it is..

I like the trout and...

I like the trout and the fly video tv

very nice new sectio...

very nice new section !



Martin Joergensen's picture

Pike, Thanks! I t...


Thanks! I thought it would be fun with some video.


Well done, Martin...

Well done, Martin, well done. Excellent new section.