Published Mar 5. 2011 - 13 years ago
Updated or edited Sep 29. 2021

A long winter

This winter has been a long one. We're in the beginning of March, and still the ice is covering much of the coastal water, many lakes and even streams. But Martin usually don't long for spring. Don't worry: It comes no matter what!

A wet day in November - One of my last fishing days in 2010
A mild day - This was shot on a February day, and may look milder, but it was still very cold!
Scouting - One early winter trip brought us to a few spots just scouting. Not much action--fishing or catching.
Early winter pix
Martin Joergensen

I usually don't long particularly for spring.

First of all I like winter.
I like cold weather.
I like snow and ice.

Secondly spring always comes! I've been around for more than 50 years, and it hasn't failed yet, even though some years feel like winter never ends.

It's not like I don't like spring. I love it! Sun coming out, water warming up, trees turning green and flowers blooming. Who wouldn't like that?

But I'm just not the type that spends January and February longing for the sound of bird song and splashing fish.

My neighborhood - When my neighborhood basins look like this, it's still winter.
Som beauty too - Winter might be long and cold and lock you in the city, but some days are pretty.
Ducks breaking ice - The ducks in the local canals swimming in the sludge
Kayaks waiting - A lot of people in my neighborhood have kayaks, but they don't get much water under the keel in these months.
City winter
Martin Joergensen
Local beach in March - Even now, in the beginning of March, the local beach is still pretty marred by winter.
Ice over - Wind and freezing temperatures meant that the water spray would freeze on rocks, piers and bridges.
South of Copenhagen - This beach is littered with swimmers and sun-bathers during the summer, but pretty empty in the winter.
Opening up - This local beach is slowly opening, and as you can see the dark patches are within reach of a wading angler, even though the chance of meeting a fish there right now is pretty slim.
The local park - When I walk the dog in a local park, I see this part of the ocean south of Copenhagen and can follow the progress of the winter and the ice.
Martin Joergensen

The winters 2009/10 and 2010/11 have been particularly cold here in Denmark with lots of snow and ice covered oceans, which is not rare, but on the other hand not something that takes place every winter.

I don't mind the snow and ice, and being a Dane I have long ago gotten used to dressing for the weather and simply coping. I actually prefer a cold and crispy winter to those gray, damp and dark winters we sometimes have, where everything is muddy, clouds are heavy and it never gets really cold, but just these miserably inbetween uncomfortable temperatures.

No matter how mild the winter, I don't remember a winter with good fishing. I've caught seatrout in December, January and February, although very, very few. Some people fish intensively through the winter, and some people catch really beautiful fish in that period.
My experience is that it pays to wait for warmer water temperatures—for your sake and for the fish's. You will simply see more fish, catch more fish and be much more comfortable while doing it.

We're in the beginning of March here, and usually March means fishing. These last couple of days have been sunny and slightly warmer, but there is still ice on the canals in my neighborhood and when I walk the dog on the local beaches, fishing is not the first that comes to mind.

But within two or three weeks that will change.

All the ice will be gone, the water will be 5-6 degrees C and will be in the range where my favored quarry, the seatrout thrives the best. Then I will want to get out!
But as it is right now, I'm fine with indoors activities such as catching up on that huge backlog of DVD and book reviews that has piled up...

Shopping - One thing that is a perfect pastime for the winter months.
Reel cage - The reels on display.
Tying materials - Enough tubes for a very long winter of tying.
Martin Joergensen


Martin Joergensen's picture

Sarunas, I will b...


I will be at the Danish Fly Festival! I'm writing a blog entry about it as your comment drops in. I expect to be there Saturday only. I may set up a GFF rendezvous sometime Saturday.


Hey Martin, Are you...

Hey Martin,
Are you going to come to Danish Fly festival 2011?

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Nice pics and story ...

Nice pics and story Martin. We still have 20-25 inches of ice on the lakes around here, and since my heart attack I hate the cold, can't handle it any more. :) Hope your spring comes soon my friend.


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