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Jason Tison

I first noticed Jason Tison's neat pencil drawings when watching a video on YouTube where he shows the process from blank paper to a finished and stunningly beautiful drawing of a blue marlin. I approached Jason, and he replied to my usual set of Fishy Artist questions.

Red snapper -
Blue Marlin -
Redfish -
Pencil drawings
Jason Tison

I first noticed Jason's neat pencil drawings when watching a video on YouTube where he shows the process from blank paper to a finished and stunningly beautiful drawing of a blue marlin in a 4 minute sped up video. The real time for doing the drawing was 5 hours! It's really amazing to watch how the fish appears on the paper as details get added.

The video contained contact information for Rogue Offshore, which is Jason's name for his outlet of drawings, prints and apparel - T's, caps and such.
I approached Jason, and he replied to my usual set of Fishy Artist questions.

Here are his answers.

Bonito City -
Mrs. Clara Belle -
Fish city
Jason Tison

How did you start working with art and with fishing related art in particular

First things first, I do not consider myself an artist. I have no studio, no fancy lights, no drawing boards, no easels. In fact everything I draw is done on the kitchen table.
That being said, I have always been able to draw and seemed to have the artistic eye for things from a young age, but I learned the proper techniques from an art teacher during an after-school program. Her name is Dianne McCray and she put up with me from elementary school through high school and taught me to draw other things besides cars, jets, and animals.

I guess drawing all those bowls of fruit, bottles, and people paid off because they set a foundation for concepts and techniques. Drawing was my way to release stress and relax to music.

I guess drawing all those bowls of fruit, bottles, and people paid off

Why fish and/or fishing?

After college my artwork came to a halt due to work and grad school. It wasn't until 4 years ago that I started competing in some offshore fishing tournaments and I wanted to capture the memories of the fish that I caught.
After looking around for art to hang on the walls I discovered that I did not like what was available, so I started drawing them myself.
Since I don't live by the water, I couldn't fish all the time so instead I watched countless fishing shows and would draw during the spare time. I started selling my artwork after numerous friends began asking for pieces for themselves. This lead to many more fishing trips and much more artwork.

King mackerel -
Yellow fin tuna -
Mackerel and tuna
Jason Tison

There are many things that interest me besides fish when I draw, but nothing inspires me as much as my fascination with the ocean and millions of creatures that swim in its waters. There is something magical about the ocean that draws your soul into it and makes you feel so very small and insignificant.

100 miles offshore we all become insignificant and are no longer on the top of the food chain. It easy to imagine the courage it took for ancient sailors and fisherman to leave home and not know what Mother Ocean had in store for them. It is this feeling that keeps me going back for more (and more.) As a fisherman, we see things every trip that few people will ever see, experience, or appreciate in life. It isn't always about the fish, but sometimes it is the trip and road we travel to get to the water. This is why I draw the fish, they are so intricate and delicate but also so dangerous and powerful. For this reason I try to pay very close attention to detail because I want people to see how amazing and different each individual species are from their scales, fins, teeth, and spots.

What is your preferred method of painting/drawing/producing your work - if any?

Pencils are my tool of choice because it comes easy to me and I can seem to place colors as different shades of gray easily.
I prefer pencil, but I think it's just because I have so many of them. I have done work in inks and pastels and enjoy those mediums as well, but I can't seem to capture the detail as well as I do with pencil. My pieces in pastels have great colors and are very easy to use and I would like to try and capture that same feeling by expanding my painting skills, but I often the lack the money to buy new paints, canvas, and brushes. I guess pencil can be looked at as a poor man's art medium.

Marlin in color -
In color
Jason Tison
Floating in glass - A drawing framed \"floating\" between two pieces of glass
Jason Tison


I took the liberty of cropping a couple of the drawings to show the astounding detail in Jason's drawings. Click to see them in full resolution.

Red snapper detail -
Jason Tison
Redfish detail -
Jason Tison

Is the art your main source of income - if at all a source of income - and do you do other jobs as a supplement?

Art is not my main source of income but several years ago I started Rogue Offshore, a company to display my art and make my own apparel to wear on fishing trips and around the docks. I like to be different and go big. I love huge framed pictures, huge artwork, and thinking outside the box. Right now I'm a nurse working on my masters degree and have 9 months to go. My time for art is so limited that I try to squeeze in a few hours here and there to get some new pieces done or for clients. I have been fortunate that over the last year, more and more people have seen my work and appreciate its classic and intricate appeal.

Rogue Offshore logos -

Can people buy your art and if so, then in which form and where?

The average fisherman can see my works on my webpage I don't have all of my art listed or all of my custom order pieces, but I hope to soon. It is hard to see the quality and perfection in the art from a picture but I also have showed pictures of the framed art in homes, boats, and condos. Almost all of my prints are available in very small limited prints and on the best paper available.
I love floating the artwork between two pieces of glass which is something that I have not seen from many other artists.

Most of my orders are just of the prints and shipped in that form but I love to frame prints and deliver them myself if possible. I love meeting the people and fisherman and hearing their stories on why they want my artwork. I find that usually the wives love the prints just as much as the men. Recently I had several prints in the Miami Boat Show displayed onboard a new yacht and have also placed a few prints in local restaurants and businesses. In the future I hope to be able to display my art while I travel around the Gulf of Mexico and east coast of the United States to art shows and fishing tournaments. Keep your eyes open for Rogue Offshore.

Where do you currently live and work?

I currently live in Birmingham, Alabama and attend school at The University Of Alabama in Birmingham in the nurse anesthesia program. This keeps me more than busy with long hours at the hospital and long weekends studying.
Maybe it's this added stress of taking care of sick children and people that encourages me to stop and take more time to relax and draw, but no matter where I am in life or what I am doing - I will always draw.

The one point that I would want everyone to read and take note is that we all should appreciate our surroundings every day. Every day is an opportunity to witness nature and see its beauty either large or small. This is why the ocean will always be my home away from home for its beauty and limitless opportunities.

Every day is an opportunity to witness nature and see its beauty


Jason Tison can be contacted through his web site

Jason Tison -
Jason Tison -
Jason Tison -
Jason Tison -
Jason Tison -
The artist in (fishing) action
Jason Tison

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