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Lagathu's shrimp

Real enough?

Glue shrimp

Reniers' shrimp

Reniers' gammerus

Reniers' shrimp - ventral view

Reniers' gammarus - ventral view

Lagathu's shrimp - dorsal view, eyes

Lagathu's shrimp - tail

Lagathu's shrimp - ventral view, egg sack

Step 1

Nylon mouth

Dabs of color

POPA caddis

Legs and antennae

Echer's stonefly

Mukai's stonefly

Mukai's stonefly - ventral view, legs

Mukai's stonefly - dorsal view

Echer's stonefly - dorsal view

Echer's stonefly - ventral view

Foam ant


Leg position

Hook point