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Spin fishing is popular

Baltic Sea


Rocky coast

Releasing a dark kelt

2 bars of silver

Time for hot soup

Viking's water

Winter or early spring?

Pole of protection

Two fine trout

Blood Nosed Magnus

Ice in the eyes

Premature trout

Winter and sun

They come in pink!

Polar Magnus

A good size trout

Almost there!

Chromish kelt

A trout just...

Big Hole Demon

Fighting a kelt

Henning tests

Loose scales

Martin and a strong kelt

Getting away

Green water and olive trout

Podcast fight


Shining kelt


The road

The Mask?

Time for a break

Too many!

Morning magic

Lars Persson ready for the night

Black Zulu

Early autumn fish

Small cod

King of the night

Good evening Sweden

Foam muddler

On the side

Spin fishermen leaving

Kasper Mühlbach - Lars Persson - Anders Dahl