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Struble U-18 reel seat fully assembled

Struble U-18 reel seat in a side view disassembled.

Blank with marking for fighting butt and reel seat

Blank with tape bushings prepared to accept the reel seat

Reel seat positioned exactly on bushings

Bushing in reel seat, ready for glue to fill the gap

Reelseat mounted on bushing, prepared to fill in the glue ring

Here we align the reel seat with the help of reel with the spine marking.

Cork rings and rubber cork

Preparations for cork handle installation

Cork clamp in action

Cork ring mounted on hood for testing

Cork rings for recessed hood

Cork rings for recessed hood done

Glueing process

Blank support at front with bearing and necessary clamp.

Color difference

Cork finished directly against the blank

Everything in place and ready to spin

Leveled and ready for sanding

Leveled and ready for sanding according to the drawing

Making things even with a chisel

Preparations done for leveling and sanding

Reinforced butt end

Sand paper in different grits: 60, 100, 150, 220, 400 (from left to right)

Sanding job done

Fighting butt brought in concentric shape ready to sand.

ingredients for the fighting butt: cork and EVA-foam.

Raw fighting butt ready to spin

Raw fighting butt ready to spin.

Fighting butt 2 - finished off the mandrel

Fighting butt 2 - glued together

Fighting butt 2 - preparation for glueing things together.

Fighting butt 2 - ready to turn

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