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Reel cleaning with flushing water.

Fly line with cracks on the surface

A selection of cleaners and a softening agent

My old cleaning tool for years

One of a few line winders you can buy

The two project-line winders

Project 1 drawing


3D CAD rendering

3D-Cad drawing of project 1 line winder

The disk is made on a small wood-lathe

The line winder disk for the line-storage

The clamping screw that hold’s the bearing unit

The vertical and the horizontal block

Aluminium nut

One of the reel holder rings

In the lathe

In progress

The finished and assembled reel holder

The finished reel rings

The reel holder

The reel seat underway

The bearing bushing glued inside the line winder disk

The bearing shaft with the O-rings and the clamping screws

The shaft with the clamping screws and the distance rings

The clamping screw

Rubber ring

The little hole in the disk

The little hole on the outside

The gearwheel

The clicker pin

The clamping screw

The clamping screws

Making grooves

The turning knob

The turning knob mounted on the disk

Plastic distance rings

Metal ring

A detail from the reel holder with the cut-away for the reel in the ring

Seen from the reel-holder side

Seen from the side of the line disk

The mahogany line winder painted with a satin glossy varnish and ready to use for line cleaning

The linewinder in practice with a piece of tissue and some mild soap or line cleaner

The detail-drawing for the MDF wood line winder project

The three discs that will form the line winder disc

The central bolt

Screwing th discs together

The disc and the block

The cylindrical pieces are glued in the reel-holder, the dowel not

The reel holder you can easily buy in a fish-shop or on the internet

The reel-holder and the wooden cylindrical pieces with the holes for the dowels


Reel seat parts

The vertical support block


Underside of the reel-holder support

The complete reel-holder assembly ready for positioning on the base plate

The reel-holder and the vertical support block positioned on the base plate

The disc mounted on the vertical support-block with the special bolt

A little bit of shape

Glued dowel

The knob on the disc

Cutting the washers

Plastic distance rings

The line clip in close-up on the disc.

The line clip in practice with a leader point

The assembled MDF wood line winder

Looks good to me!

The end result is very good, a nice shine

With a special wood-wax we can finish the MDF wood, so it will look like mahogany

Rubber feet glued on the baseplate with Bison-glue or double sided tape

The rubber feet are cut from a anti-slip rubber foil

The MDF wood line winder in practice

The author with a nice rainbow trout! Caught on a distance spot with a good shooting (clean) flyline