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The original

The fly that started it

A recent incarnation

A sign

A place called Klympen

Another one bites

In the cradle

Klympen at work

A compact model

The principle

A spring trout

Doing its job


Stiff upper lip

A black variation

A handful from Henning

The orange variation


Flies tagged Klympen

Close, but no cigar

Floss bodied Klympen

The most common variation

Very close

Eivind Baerulfsen's version

Not quite

A box full

Midnight Stalker

A rainbow

Henning Eskol - Richard Maree - Martin Joergensen - Emil La Beet - Frode Henriksen - Calle Eklind - Englander - Eivind Baerulfsen - swedeElvis - Anders Kvalnes - Hans Weilenmann