Published Aug 25. 2015 - 5 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019


This tool represents the type that replaces the jaw assembley in your ordinary vise. It holds the tube in a very strong grip and offers the ultimate hold and working space.


I have been looking ...

I have been looking for a good tube tying adapter and it looks like Snowbee do a "universal" version of the tube fly attachment that will fit in an existing vice. Apart form the vice attachment it's apparently the same as the one for the Waldron.

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Kevin, The Snowbe...


The Snowbee/Waldron vice and adapter is made by Snowbee, which you can find here.


Where can I order th...

Where can I order this vise head and how much is it. Thx Kevin

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Tom, You will nee...


You will need a Snowbee rear screw as well as the tube adapter itself. The original Waldron screw has a different thread. Snowbee can deliver it as a spare part. The fit of the adapter is not perfect, but it works.


Martin: You said: "...

You said: "The new Snowbee/Waldron vise has a Tube Fly attachment as an option, and this option fits my original Waldron vise with a bit of woodoo." And somewhere else in you rarticle you mention a "snowbee fingerscrew".
Precisely, what kind of "woodoo" are you talking about?

I enjoyed your whole series on tube flying very much. It is almost an entire textbook on this art of tying.
Thank you!