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Great commentary & e...

Great commentary & exciting finish. Very enjoyable.

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Alan, I know we h...


I know we have podcasts coming out frequently now... and you can expect more. I actually did one more today. But comfort yourself with the fact that they are stuffed inbetween the ordinary articles, which come with four days intervals right now and will keep coming in that rate in the next month or two.

Just skip the podcasts and enjoy the rest. We have plenty content for low bandwidth visitors.


Please, not *too* mu...

Please, not *too* much content in ipod format. Some of us are still in the computer dark ages, without broadband, and files such as Wading at 19.69Mb are a bit hard going. Quite a lot of your current front page is in ipod and I am starting to miss out.

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Bob, The video po...


The video podcasts are in the m4v format, which can be played with QuickTime or VLC Player. The links will take you to download sites for the software.

Hope this works for you.


I can download the p...

I can download the podcast about tying the tabou caddis but I cant open it. Do you have any suggestions on how to do that? By the way, I am a moron.



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… I have a small favor to ask.

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