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Mullet? Not!
Aug 30. 2008 A nice day at the beach in pursuit of mullet and sea trout. Mullet Audio icon gff_2008_04.mp3
Two for one
May 15. 2008 The follow up to the "Early Morning" pocasts - with evening and morning fishing and an extra fishing day thrown in. Coastal fishing, Denmark, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2008_03.mp3
Early morning
May 8. 2008 Planning to get up at 3 in the morning to fish Equipment, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2008_02.mp3
Not really fishing...
Feb 17. 2008 A beautiful but cold day in February. Coastal fishing, Denmark, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2008_01.mp3
Last trip 2007...
Dec 30. 2007 Christmas and New Year - it's time for the last trip of the year Site history Audio icon gff_2007_14.mp3
Cheesman Canyon podcast
Dec 2. 2007 Colorado's white winters shouldn't give you the blues! Follow GFF partner Steve Schweitzer as he and his family fish the snowy Cheesman Canyon. Stream fishing Audio icon gff_2007_13.mp3
The Patience Game
Nov 24. 2007 A good angler has patience Coastal fishing, Denmark Audio icon gff_2007_12.mp3
Catch and release
Nov 10. 2007 A few thoughts about killing fish - or letting them live... Catch and release, Coastal fishing, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2007_11.mp3
Steve's summer
Oct 30. 2007 "Best-of" summer edition Summer Audio icon gff_2007_10.mp3
Oct 23. 2007 Anticipation and disappointment is a part of fishing - looking forward to the catch that never comes Coastal fishing, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2007_09.mp3
The Danish flies
Oct 12. 2007 A bit about the flies that we use for fishing for sea run browns in the salt Sea trout flies, Coastal fishing, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2007_08.mp3
At long last
Oct 2. 2007

I managed to get my hands on a new recorder and immediately made the first podcast in months

GFF Summit, Coastal fishing Audio icon gff_2007_07.mp3
Distance casting
May 27. 2007 A recording about distance casting and casting distance - with guest appearances by a dog, cows, seals, porpoises and a trout Casting Audio icon gff_2007_06.mp3
North Platte River
Apr 28. 2007 A trip to Wyoming Stream fishing, Rainbow trout Audio icon gff_2007_05.mp3
Mar 25. 2007 That's why it's called fishing and not catching Sea trout fishing, Coastal fishing, Denmark Audio icon gff_2007_04.mp3
Winter fishing
Feb 25. 2007 Ways to fight the cold and ways to catch fish in freezing water Sea trout fishing, Winter, Coastal fishing, Denmark Audio icon gff_2007_03.mp3
Getting wet - or not
Feb 3. 2007 How to avoid getting wet when you fall. Coastal fishing, Sea trout fishing, Clothing Audio icon gff_2007_02.mp3
Beating the crowds
Jan 6. 2007 How to avoid stepping on each other's toes when fishing Coastal fishing, Stream fishing Audio icon gff_2007_01.mp3
Morning fishing
Dec 7. 2006 Getting up to see the sun rise Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2006_19.mp3
GFF Summit 2006
Oct 30. 2006 The first Global FlyFisher Conclave GFF Summit, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2006_18.mp3
Sep 26. 2006 Streamfishing with good friends Stream fishing Audio icon gff_2006_17.mp3
Night fishing
Jun 21. 2006 Going for sea trout in the dark Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2006_16.mp3
Knots and copyright
May 31. 2006 Two things that we hold in high esteem on GFF Knots, Site history Audio icon gff_2006_15.mp3
1000 garfish
May 23. 2006 The long beaked fighter Coastal fishing, Denmark, Garfish Audio icon gff_2006_12.mp3
First podcast fish
May 7. 2006 The sound of catching a large sea trout Sea trout fishing, Coastal fishing Audio icon gff_2006_11.mp3
Driving experience
Apr 28. 2006 Cars, gasoline prices, rod holders and many other issues Equipment Audio icon gff_2006_10.mp3
Strange X-mas
Apr 11. 2006 A Christmas Tree out of season Sea trout flies, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2006_09.mp3
Windy casting
Mar 27. 2006 This time out fishing and even catching fish - although not on the recording. Casting, Wind Audio icon gff_2006_08.mp3
Mar 23. 2006 Preparing for a weekend trip Equipment, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2006_07.mp3
Material shopping
Mar 9. 2006 Why are synthetics so ridiculously expensive? Fly tying materials Audio icon gff_2006_06.mp3
Casting a shooting head
Feb 20. 2006 An audio introduction to the world of shooting heads Casting, Fly lines, Shooting heads Audio icon gff_2006_05.mp3
Feb 15. 2006 A bit about wading, wading boots, wading staffs -- and what to do when you fall Equipment, Clothing, Coastal fishing, Stream fishing Audio icon gff_2006_04.mp3
Tabou Caddis Emerger
Feb 7. 2006 See Steve tie the Tabou Caddis Emerger. Emergers, Caddis File tabou_caddis_podcast.m4v
Cold but no ice
Feb 4. 2006 A foggy February day turns in to a perfectly beautiful sunny day. But no fish want to play. Winter, Weather Audio icon gff_2006_03.mp3
A winter walk
Jan 29. 2006 On the lookout for winter sea trout in a stream near Copenhagen Sea trout fishing, Winter, Denmark Audio icon gff_2006_02.mp3
First GFF podcast ever
Jan 16. 2006 Join GFF partner Martin Joergensen on the Danish coast on a cold January day Coastal fishing, Denmark, Sea trout fishing Audio icon gff_2006_01.mp3