Tips in sequence

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Standard Dubbing

Wayne Luallen shows how to do plain dubbing on a single thread.

Split Thread Dubbing

Wayne Luallen shows how to use the split thread dubbing technique in fly tying.

Loop Dubbing

Wayne Luallen demonstrates how to make and use a dubbing loop.

Thread Trap

Wayne Luallen demonstrates an easy way to catch materials and secure them without having them roll on the hook shank when wrapping thread over them.

Stacking Calf Tail

Wayne Luallen gives a few tips on selecting and stacking calf tail.

Hand Stacking Bucktail

Wayne Luallen demonstrates how to tame the sometimes difficult bucktail and get the tips even, just using you hands

Stacking Deer, Elk & Moose

A few tips to properly stack elk and deer hair by Wayne Luallen.
The lead shear is found here.

Elk Hair Caddis Wing

Wayne Luallen shows how to tie an elk hair wing, useful for many caddis patterns like the Elk Hair Caddis or the CdC&Elk.

Direction of Thread Twist

Wayne Luallen explains what understanding thread twist - clockwise vs. counterclockwise - can do for your tying.

Basics of Thread Twist

Wayne Luallen explains the basics of tying thread twist

Dry Fly Hackle Foundation

Wayne Luallen explains why the thread foundation under a dry fly hackle is decisive for the final appearance of the finished hackle.

Direction to Dub

Wayne Luallen describes which direction it's best to apply dubbing to your tying thread in order to get a tight dubbing.

Folding Feathers

Wayne Luallen shows a method to fold a soft hackle before tying it in, dramatically easing the barb control while wrapping a classic wet fly or palmer hackle.

Trailing Shuck

Wayne Luallen shows a simple way of making and controlling a trailing shuck for midges and caddis flies.

Conserving Thread Wraps

Wayne Luallen shows how to save many wraps of thread when tying off multiple materials in the same spot.

Hand Whip Finish

Wayne Luallen explains how to whip finish using only your hands and no tool - and adds some tips on how to get these final wraps to lay absolutely flat.

Controlling Yarn for Shucks

Wayne Luallen shows a neat little trick to control material for trailing shucks on flies.

Twisted Body

Wayne Luallen demonstrates how to make a twisted body, useful for soft hackle flies and nymphs.

Thread Rib

Wayne Luallen shows how to make a thread rib over a dubbed body, getting it to behave as you want.

Stacking Bucktail Using a Hair Stacker

Wayne Luallen demonstrates how to even the tips of bucktain using a hair stacker and explains a bit about the nature of the hair.

Tool Tip: Dubbing Twisters

Wayne Luallen shows a couple of models of simple dubbing twisters.

Tool Tip: Dubbing Teasers

Wayne Luallen introduces a type of dubbing teaser shaped more like a brush.

Tool Tip: Bodkin Cleaning

Wayne Luallen shows an easy way to clean varnish and other things off your dubbing needle.

Tool Tip: Lead Shear

Wayne Luallen shows a neat tool for cutting deer and elk hair off the hide

Tool tip: Polishing the Bobbin Holder Tube

Wayne Luallen shows how to get the inside of the bobbin holder tube smooth and free of burrs to avoid breaking or fraying the thread.

Tool Tip: Hair Stackers

Wayne Luallens shows a couple of types of hair stackers for fly tying, including the closed end hair stacker.

Tool Tip: Sharpening Scissor Tips

Wayne Luallen shows how to sharpen the tips of your scissors to enable you to reach in a cut very close and precisely.

Tool Tip: Bobbin Holder Threader

A fly tying tool tip from Wayne Luallen. Using the Wasatch Rotating Bobbin Threader. Find the Wasatch tool here.