Published Dec 5. 2009 - 14 years ago
Updated or edited Jan 6. 2022

Videos on GFF

We're entering the online video age. The plan is not to produce our own feature length DVD's in HD quality, but to expose the best online videos from other sources. So browse our first videos here and help us make this new feature better by pointing us to great online videos.

The web is flooding with good videos, and although there are lots of places where they get exposure, we thought we'd make our own fly fishing video channel.
In the article "A new breed" I cover the development of the fly fishing video and DVD - from the meager VHS containing stale fly tying instruction shot under one lamp in a living room to today's professionally produced HD adventures from around the globe.
As mentioned in the article, a lot of the new breed finds its way to the audience through online exposure, and as the quality of these videos grow better and better, the web becomes a channel in itself.

And now we supply our own fly fishing video channel.

GFF video channel

GFF Videos

Our channel aims to collect the best online videos, and you are supposed to help us find them! The idea is that the readers of this site can submit the best online videos they find on their surfing sprawls. By keeping an eye out we can help each other locate the best.
If you are a video producer yourself, you are more than welcome to submit your own productions or trailers for them. They will of course be scrutinized as thoroughly as any other submissions, and if they're good enough, they will come on display here.
Yes, we know that there are channels already - like The Fly Fishing Channel on Vimeo, Sexy Loops on YouTube and many more. But we can offer a channel that contains videos from most of them, mixed and organized after keywords, popularity and ratings.

So welcome to the Global FlyFisher Video Channel!


I would rather relax...

I would rather relax and watch these wonderful videos than any offered on the major sports networks, great scenery, fish and most of all people and places ... Keep em coming

Kai, why are you so ...

Kai, why are you so depressed abouth weather on Xmas time similar like last year i remember.. come to me to Lithuania we will fish and will drink like born to be wild!

Happy eve everybody


Martin Joergensen's picture

Kai, I thought we...


I thought we'd let some of the great video out there trickle onto the GFF pages. I have long been following different services and searched for fly fishing videos and found some really nice ones. Now I have a way of conveying them to the GFF audience.


Hi Martin, what a p...

Hi Martin,
what a perfect idea!
Great to look at other one's catches when the wheater is bad and little time to fish,
like it is today.
See forward to see you next time in Denmark.


Martin Joergensen's picture

Don, Thanks for y...


Thanks for your kind comments. Much appreciated!
It's great to know that there's still people out there who appreciates what's done here. And it seem that you are not alone... We're closing in on 35 million video views and the site as a whole has about 15,000 visitors a day, so obviously someone must like what we're doing.


I don't care of what...

I don't care of what anybody say' about this site.this is the best site ever for fly tiers. And it always seems there is whiners who will post negative comments.i'm like You Martin if they don't like it just go some where else and leave Us the hell alone.Keep doing what Your doing Martin You've got plenty who stands behind You including Me, Respectfully Don Prater

looks like I will en...

looks like I will enjoy this site

Martin Joergensen's picture

Ron, The videos s...


The videos should be in three columns as always, unless you're on a very small screen - small tablet or phone - in which case the adjust to one column only. There should be no instance where they are two by two.

I wouldn't suspect the computer. This is usually something with the software settings. Have you checked if your browser is "zoomed", meaning that it's displaying things larger or smaller than usual? That often disturbs pages. Zoom to normal size to cure that.


My GFF fly tying vid...

My GFF fly tying videos are not displayed as unusual. Instead of being displaying three abreast there are ony two. Is that a new foremat or is there something wrong with my computer?

Martin Joergensen's picture

George, Thanks fo...


Thanks for the kind words - and thanks for being a reader.


This is the SITE, ma...

This is the SITE, many replicates no equals tho, the overall appeal and information is incredible i personally have elevated my personal fishing and tying skills from the plethora of videos and articles. Pros or beginners have something to learn perusing this site. Thank you much GFF!


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