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Henry's Fork rainbow

Chuck's FlutterStone

Lower Mesa Falls

May/June hatch

Teton River



Large golden stone

Stone collection

Big brown


Ready to go

Suckers for stoneflies

Step 1: Tying in the foam body

Step 2: Secure foam

Step 3: Securing the hackle

Step 4: Adding belly flash and beginning body

Step 5: The finished segmented body

Step 6: Hackle is palmered up the body

Step 7: The finished body with hackle clipped short

Step 8: Adding the krystal flash underwing

Step 9: Foam shaped into a stonefly wing

Step 10: Tying down the wing

Step 11: Tying in the over wing

Step 12: Adding the bullet head

Step 13: The completed bullet head

Step 14: The finished FlutterStone

Tasty looking

Sean Hines - Charles Robinton - Aaron Mills