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Birds eye view

Boat on the Gunnisson

Pete casting at Antero

Rainbow headshot

Casting to a rising fish

Conejos River panoramic

Sight fishing...


Trout lessons

Silky waters

Jeff HDR

Landon and Jay walking by a fence

Paul above Middle Camp

Rainbow in net B/W

Rigging HDR

Roaring Fork River

Brown being fooled by a PMD imitation

Brown trout eye

Canyon floating

Casting on Rapid Creek

Rainbow eye


Good dog!

Hilary and I

One of the dogs

Cheese and baetis

Deven on south fork

Eleven Mile in the snow

Eleven Mile scenic with silky water

Fishing Eleven Mile canyon

Hiking to the blue


Rainbow on the Conejos

Rainbow rising to eat a spinner

Rio Grande brown trout

Selective color brown trout

South Fork Rio Grande

Spinney mountain morning

Tdyky HDR

Walking through tunnel

Yampa silky water

Angus Drummond