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Two cases

The velvet inside

The cases

Ready to move in

Rods, reels, flies... and cases

Cases and reels

The first case and sides for the second

Sides doubled

Sides cut free

Glueing on the lining

Trimming the lining

The parts

The buckle

The buckle mounted

Punching diagonal holes

Box stitching

Thread ready for tightening

Box stitching

The box done

Second side attached

One side of the lid done

The box done

the stitched edge

Lid side done

Leather case for Hardy reel

Leather case for Hardy reel

Initials on leather case for Hardy reel

The inside of a leather case for a Hardy reel

Sunburst intitals

Sunburst fish

Light case initials

Light case fish

The reels in their new homes

Remus Stanescu - Jes Kamp - Ole Kamp