Published Jun 12. 2019 - 5 months ago
Updated or edited Jun 12. 2019

Hidden BULKhead Hollow Fleye

The Hidden Bulkhead Hollow Fleye is a lightweight, big profiled fly that is perfect for chasing Pike and Musky, as well as any large predatory gamefish. The Freestyle pattern is modeled after Bob Popovics Hollow Fly and finished with Popovics reverse Bulkhead Technique - Popovics has two fantastic tying resources: Pop Fleyes, and Fleye Design, which are highly recommended. This video focuses on the Hollow Fleye Technique of reverse tying, as well as the Hidden Bulkhead technique used to finish the head and create the proper silhouette and balance to the fly. Both techniques are excellent to know and have at the ready for tying up big predatory flies.

Material List
Hook: Ahrex TP610 4/0
Thread: Flymaster Plus 210 Denier
Bucktail: White, Pink, and Chartreuse
Magnum Flashabou: Silver, Mint, Opal
Polar Flashabou: 2004 - Pink Pearl, and 2011 - Emerald Rainbow
Peacock Herl
Saddle Hackles: Grizzle, and Dyed Olive Grizzle

The recipe is as follows - the Flying being spit between 4 Hollow ties and 2 Reverse Bulkhead ties

1: Hollow Tie with Magnum Flashabou (16 strands at full hank length - cut in half and tied in 80/20), 3 Grizzle hackles (1 on either side and one on top), with 2 Olive Grizzle Hackles splitting the difference.

2: Hollow tie with Polar Flash top and bottom

3: Hollow tie with Polar Flash top and bottom, add two Olive Grizzle Hackles that are shorter and bleed into the previous hackles

4: Hollow tie with new color (pink), Polar Flash top and bottom, Add Peacock Herl (10-15 strands, back of fly only)

5: First Reverse Bulkhead Tie (Pink), omit Polar Flash, Add Peacock Herl (shorter than previous, 10 - 15 strands, top only)

6: Final Reverse Bulkhead Tie (blended Chartreuse with Pink) - no accents

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Martin Joergensen

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