Videos by Gunnar Brammer

Brammer's Mega-Jerk

This is an updated step by step fly tying tutorial of my MEGA-Jerk articulated Pike/Musky Fly pattern. The fly is built from my custom tapered MEGA Jerk brush which forms the body and shoulders for both rear and front hooks. Aside from the Hackle Tail - which is optional, the fly is 100% synthetic, tied relatively sparse, sheds water like a dream, and is a fly you can comfortably cast all day - yet still comes in at 10-11". The heavy wire hooks paired with the large compressed head gives the fly a unique slicing action in the water that I refer to as a Jerk Fly, and allows the fly to show its profile to the fish - triggering the strike. MEGA Jerk Swim Video: MEGA Jerk Brush: Previous MEGA Jerk Tutorial: Bill Sherer Shank: Material List: Rear Hook: Ahrex 4/0 Predator Stinger PR320 Tail: FlymenFishingCo Faux Bucktail, 2x Spirit River UV2 Rooster Cock Tails, 6-8 strands Hedron Mag. Flashabou - cut in half, and tied in double. Body: MEGA Jerk Brush Wing: SF Blend Articulation - Malin Hard Wire, Single Strand Stainless Steel Wire, 0.029" dia. Bent Bill Sherer Style Front Hook: Ahrex 6/0 Predator Stinger PR320 - with Keel Weight 0.030 10 turns on hook bend. Body: MEGA Jerk Brush Wing: SF Blend Flash: Hedron Inc Lateral Line Flash Dyed over Pearl Head: Hedron Inc Strung Fuzzy Fiber blended with Wing N' Flash Eyes: 1/2" 3D Big Fish Eyes, Super Pearl - secured with 5 minute Epoxy Flex Coat Pin Clips for Big Wheel - Gator Grips used to hold brush MEGA Jerk Brush Blend - Core: SF Blend - White Wing: Big Fly Fiber - White Shoulders: Supreme Hair - Chartreuse Flash: Mag Flash Chartreuse, Copper Flash: Ripple Ice - Fl. Yellow My Website: Instagram: Facebook: