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Authors, filmmakers, artists, publishers!

Share parts of your work with our readers. Maybe you should consider letting us bring an extract, a sample, an interview or an article about your work. We get content, you get free marketing.

Are you a publisher, an author or a film maker? Do you want to promote your fly fishing book or DVD? Maybe you should consider letting us bring an extract, a sample, an interview or an article about your work. It will provide us with content and give your product some attention - in essence some free marketing.
The deal is a simple one: we get your excellent content and you get our excellent audience.

We get your excellent content and you get our excellent audience.

Book extracts

We have done such deals a few times lately with both book authors and filmmakers. You can a couple of book extract examples here:
Meko Special and Bastard Crab are both extracts from Dick Brown's book "Bonefish Fly Patterns", which we also reviewed. We were in contact with Dick Brown directly who cleared with the publisher and sent us the raw text and images from a couple of chapters from his book. We set up the pages, had them reviewed by the author and published them with the exact text, images and links, mentioning the book, the publisher and the author's own web site.

A similar process was done with New Zealand author Derek Grzelewski, whose book "The Trout Diaries" we exposed with a chapter in an article as the book came out and was on its way to a US publisher. We will follow up with a review as soon as the book arrives.

The Trout Diaries -
Derek Grzelewski - own page, book, our extract
Martin Joergensen

A few facts

The Global FlyFisher is a non-profit web site serving fly fishing related content to the whole world. We have a 16 year history on the web and the site contains more than 2,000 articles and more than 30,000 pictures. Our contributors come from all over the globe - pros and amateurs, seasoned writers and beginners.
We have about 6-8,000 unique visitors a day and about 180-200,000 visits a month. We serve up to one and a half a million pages a month depending on season. These numbers are steadily growing.
More facts here.

In both cases we credited the authors in a byline and in Dick Brown's case we set up a bio page for him as we do with all contributors to the site.
Derek Grzelewski's byline leads to his personal web site.

DVD BTS's and Q&A's

In the case of videos and DVD's we have used a different approach: Q&A's. The story and the people behind a given video is often interesting, and by asking some questions and getting replies from the filmmakers, we have managed to set some great DVD's into perspective. We have also covered many videos with behind the scenes (BTS) footage.
We have three examples of Q&A's online:
- Tapâm, the story behind a Drake Magazine video award winner and the DVD that came from the fantastic trip.
- A Backyard in Nowhere, a pike adventure in Alaska with some unexpected turns and twists and our review of the DVD
- Stepping into the Stream, a series of interviews with fly fishing women and the story about the project told by the filmmaker herself in the form of a Q&A.

A Backyard in Nowhere -
A Backyard in Nowhere - Press material, the DVD and our articles
Martin Joergensen

The BTS videos are featured in our video section, and there are several examples of online teasers in many cases referring to our review of the finished product.

Fishy Artists

The last example we have of content-for-marketing is our Fishy Artists section where we feature artists that have specialized in fishing subjects in their art. These have been done as interviews, and we have a standard set of questions that we ask each artist, and from the replies we make an article featuring art samples and contact information.
You can see the latest examples of our featured artists here:
- AD Maddox
- Craig Bertram Smith

And all of them are featured in this section.

AD Maddox -
AD Maddox - images, art sample and our article
Martin Joergensen

Fishy Photographers

February 2012 we started a new series about photographers specializing in fly-fishing photography. As with the artists, we ask a series of questions through email and bring your replies in a more or less edited form along with some samples of the your work.
We concentrate on image style and photo subjects. but also touch on the commercial aspects and where your pictures are used. We welcome both amateurs and professionals as long as your pictures are great and your story is interesting.

Are you interested?

We would love to see some material from you. Depending on your product we will work out a plan for publishing something that will interest our readers. We can work on any of the above mentioned models with almost all content:
Extracts - a section or a chapter from your book. We need the text and some illustrations in suitable, digital formats - plain text and graphical files. It could also be a longer piece of a video. We already have a place for free teasers from services such as YouTube and Vimeo.
Behind the scenes (BTS) - mostly used in connection with videos, but also useful for other types of work, including physical products. How did a certain gadget come to be? How is it produced? We will need video, images and maybe some text too.
Interviews/Questions and answers (Q&A) - can be used for anything like art, books and videos, gear and other products and activities. We need some information to start on and will then send you some questions to answer. And we'd love to see images of you and your work too.

And of course hybrids of the above are an option too.

Contact me ( if you are interested. No promises, but we can most likely work out something.

This is free marketing, but not free advertizing!

Please notice that apart from teasers for videos, we are not interested in publishing standard marketing material!
- No ready-to-print promotional articles.
- No standard press releases.
- No prefabricated interviews.
These things aren't interesting other than as inspiration. This is free marketing, but not free advertizing! We want a unique view of you and your activities, made for the demanding Global FlyFisher audience. We usually accept standard person bios for bio pages, but that's about it.

We want to make our articles about you and with you as exciting as possible - for the sake of our web site and for the sake of spreading the word about you and your product.


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