Published Sep 29. 2022 - 1 year ago
Updated or edited Sep 29. 2022

Fire Tiger

The most exciting way to fish for bass is with a popper. To watch them come up out of the water after a fly is absolutely exhilarating. Poppers however are not easy to make, but I think this video will help you learn how to make your own easy enough to be worth while trying. They do take a while to tie, but luckily, if you fish them right, you should not loose them. They stay durable through many fish strikes as well. In fact I have one popper that I have caught dozens of bass on, and I tied 4 years ago. It still is going strong without much damage at all. So tie up a few, and they should last you for years. Just do your best not to hang them up in a tree.

You really do want to coat the foam with resin. It will not only protect the colored finish you put on the foam, but it will also help keep the fly buoyant. Even foam can soak up water over time, so you need to insure that it doesn't. When selecting resin, you want to make sure that the resin is flexible. This Solarez Flex formula I used is perfect. I know there are some other brands that make some flexible resin, and you can use them, however I find the Solarez to work best. And when cured with a high powered light, like the one that Solarez sells, it will cure without any tackiness. Not many of the flexible resins can boast on these results.

I decided to color this one up with some bright fire tiger colors, which will work great for sunfish and bass. Being a smaller popper, I can catch some smaller mouthed fishes as well as large mouth bass. Smallmouth bass actually love these brighter colors, so this would be a perfect smallmouth river fly.

If you want some better priced hooks, check out the #200's from Risen Fly. The hook shank is a bit longer than the B10s that I used, which actually could benefit you here. You will want to drop down in hook size 1-2 sizes. It will give you more room to tie materials on in the back, and set the hook point further back on the fly to help with short hits. I always used to tie these with the b10s hooks however Im starting to reconsider this because I think for bass poppers, the 200's from Risen might be a better option, However its ultimately up to you.

As you all know, I work closely and they have offered every one of my subscribers a discount. So go to their shop, and type in "McFly" at checkout for 15% off of anything you buy on their site.

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Hook: Gamakatsu B10S (size 4) -
Popper Head: Flymen Double Barrel bodies (Small/white) -
Thicker Thread: Veevus 140 (chartreuse) -
Thinner Thread: Veevus 6/0 (hot yellow) -
Stabilizer: 25lb Mono -
Glue: Loctite Ultragel -
Markers: Colored Sharpies (Black, Yellow) -
Ad Markers (chartreuse, Cadmium Orange) -
Wire: Lead Free Wire (size .030" or .035") -
Resin: Solarez Flex -
Eyes: Living Eyes (5mm, Ice) -
Tail: Chickabou (chartreuse, and chartreuse grizzly) -
Soft Hackle Feather -
Soft Collar: Whiting American Label rooster Saddle (grizzly Chartreuse) -
Legs: Bass Skirt (speckled chartreuse) -

Vise: Renzetti Traveler -
Bobbin: Stonfo Bobtec -
Scissors: Risen 4.5" Straight Hair -
Whip finisher: Dr. Slick brass -
Fly Tying Bench: Oasis Walnut Compact Bench -
Disposable Paintbrush -
UV Light: Solarez UV Cure (high output) -

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