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29 Nov 16. 2018 Slinkies One of the most effective methods of drifting a fly through deep pools in Great Lakes steelhead rivers is to use a... Article
29 Jun 2. 2020 Make your own dubbing wax When I recently reached the bottom of my last tube of Overton's Wonder Wax, I decided to try making my own instead of... Article
28 Oct 10. 2011 When lightning strikes The odds of getting hit by a lightning are very small. So are the odds of getting a disease that makes it difficult or... Article
28 Feb 8. 2010 The Perfect Woolly Many flies were developed from the Woolly Bugger, German Raoul Kempkes got back to it and created a very simple pattern... Article
28 May 29. 2006 Wingless Wets On a shelf in the shop was a little book that was propped open. It was Leisenring and Hidy's The Art of Tying The Wet-... Article
28 Oct 9. 2007 long life to GFF hI everybody, I'm a french flyfisherman and sincerely GFF is the world's best site Long life to GFF Forum topic
27 Jul 12. 2017 10 rules for C&R The debate over catch and release (C&R) can get so heated sometimes that you forget what fishing is all about:... Article
27 Sep 4. 2008 GFF Summit 2008 will happen! [b:2deec92e72]The planning for this year's Summit is slowly commencing. This is the first official announcement.[/b:... Forum topic
26 Oct 10. 2016 Flyline Maintenance 101 Maintaining that expensive string coated with plastics and polymers is the best medicine for adding years of life your... Article
25 Nov 27. 2020 About Streamers 365 During 2012, we will be showcasing one feather-wing streamers a day for the entire year. The concept is called 365... Article