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20 Jul 15. 2022 Turkey, Greece, fly fishing? Do you have any informtion about fly fishing in Turkey or Greece? Ive read book written by Joe Prosek and I saw there a... Forum topic
20 Oct 15. 2016 Beginner's Buzzer A Buzzer is basically an imitation of the pupa of a midge. The buzzers are best known from British stillwater fishing,... Article
19 Nov 27. 2020 #366 - Acid Drop Brookie 512 N.P. Acid Drop Brookie - Val Kropiwnicki Tied by: Val Kropiwnicki Originated by: Val Kropiwnicki Hook: Ronn Lucas Noble C #2... Article
19 Mar 5. 2012 A few from Ora Smith The flies of Ora Smith that have captured my imagination were the little casting streamers with duck flank wings. They... Article
19 Sep 7. 2015 Catch&Release Releasing the fish we catch is getting more necessary every day if we want to continue fishing in the future. This is... Article
19 Apr 6. 2007 Our first mullets Since the 1960's the mullets have visited the Danish and South Swedish waters from late May to late October. They feed... Article
19 Apr 10. 2011 Keel Hook Herring I've taken Owner and Gamagatsu worm hooks and turned them into a keel/hook-up HerringPhly that works well up the... Forum topic
19 Apr 6. 2016 Better-Winged Olives A recent tying binge left me with a few thoughts on how to tie a quicker and better blue-winged olive mayfly. The ideas... Article
18 Sep 22. 2008 Please help the beginner Hi everyone, Forum topic
18 Mar 28. 2009 Shrimp Pattern Hi all ... Firstly this site is a fantastic online resource I'm new to the forum and to fly tying Forum topic