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23 Mar 12. 2006 Dogma framing Framed flies can be pieces of art - both the flies and the framing. But creating your own framed flies is not that... Article
23 Feb 7. 2006 Flexible bench German Jan-Ole Willers wanted to be able to clear his vise, tools and materials off the dining table for such... Article
22 Nov 28. 2019 Favorite Flies for Baltic Seatrout In this book Martin has tried to cover his favorite fly patterns, and has included 29 of the flies that he and his best... Article
22 Jul 11. 2011 das Kandy [size=18:23cd40c5b8][b:23cd40c5b8]mit [i:23cd40c5b8]mylar[/i:23cd40c5b8]...[/b:23cd40c5b8][/size:23cd40c5b8] Forum topic
22 Jun 20. 2007 Flyfishing for perch So we had our first outing yesterday since my arrival in Denmark. Who turned the heater on? It was so warm! Forum topic
22 May 3. 2017 Tigerfish from my Verandah When you speak to old timers about fishing for tigerfish on the Zambezi River they will tell you of driving along dirt... Article
22 Dec 7. 2007 GFF Caps Baseball-style caps with an embroidered GFF logo. Forum topic
22 May 20. 2006 The preparation is almost finished I thought that I would start a new thread here as I did not want to hijack the "long life to GFF" thread and turn it... Forum topic
22 May 16. 2006 An explosive evening This evening was one of those days. For those that have experienced it - will know what I am talking about - For those... Forum topic
22 Dec 14. 2010 PIKE FLIES just a little something i whipped up for pike a killer pattern , anybody else have any fav pike patterns Forum topic