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33 Feb 22. 2006 O'io Boy'o! The flats of Oahu in Hawai'i, harbor some of the largest bonefish in the world... although, Hawai'i isn't your typical... Article
32 Feb 28. 2016 Yellow Fever Imagine a fish that takes a fly as readily as a trout, whether it is nymph, a wet fly, or a dry fly. Czech nymph style... Article
32 Nov 10. 2005 Realistic Flies Realistic flies are not only for the display case. As Steve Thornton shows us, realism can also be applied to practical... Article
31 Jul 25. 2006 Organized fishing trip or meeting ...just been wondering if you (Martin) have ever considered organizing a GFF fishing trip for a small group of the GFF... Forum topic
31 Aug 3. 2020 Shooting heads In this article I will try to cover some advantages and disadvantages of the shooting head over the WF line, and I will... Article
30 Nov 18. 2007 saltwater flyfishing - advice needed! Hi everyone, I'm new to saltwater fly fishing and I need a little help on a typical setup for sea trout. :oops: Forum topic
30 Jun 21. 2007 GFF Summit 2007 So there will be a GFF Summit this year! At long last Martin Joergensen has found the time to get some facts together... Article
30 Jul 16. 2006 The Plipper One of the strangest fly-contraptions ever to see daylight from my hands. It's a tube fly. It uses one basic material.... Article
30 Feb 21. 2022 Twined or furled leaders How to make a great furled leader using the ancient method of rope making. Article
29 Sep 25. 2006 GFF summit is over. How was it? Hi, unfortunately I missed GFF summit this year. Have you been satisfied with your catches? what was the biggest fish... Forum topic