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Fishing Private Land on the San Juan

The San Juan River is one of the most popular and productive river in the United States. Possibly the world. Located in North West New Mexico, in the middle of a desert, this tailwater is like a small oasis that comes out of Navajo Lake. This river has great fishing all year round, and has the potential for 50 trout days. It really is amazing fishing on the San Juan River! Being such good fishing, means that it is very busy there. If you have seen my other video's on fishing the San Juan River, you would see that there aren't too many times where there aren't people stacked shoulder to shoulder. However, the San Juan River isn't only good fishing right at the Quality River Section and there are a few places to fish where you can feel like you have the river all to yourself. The place I am fishing today is called Majestic Enchantment, and its a privately owned stretch of the river. The owner of the property charges a small fee to come and fish his 3 mile stretch of the river, and only allows up to 8 people each day to fish it. This water has many bends, and is tree filled so, this means, you probably will not see a single person fishing the entire day. He has spent time and money on improving his stretch of river and has turned it into an amazing fishery with large brown trout and good quantities of rainbows. The other nice thing about fishing further down river is that the bug population is different. You can fish larger flies, and there are even the possibility of baetis hatches. No more needing to nymph the size 26 midges if you don't want to.