Published Nov 29. 2006 - 17 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Rag Worms?


I have been playing around with rag worm patterns ahead of my trip to Denmark.

They are based on our snake fly mounts, which are very popular in the Uk at the moment.

If anyone is intersted in Snake Flies let me know and i'll post some pics.

But for now, let me know your thoughts on these critters?

Excuse the photographer, im somewhat embarrased with the quality of the pics, compared to the photographers on here :oops:

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Hi Hoppy,

The pattern is fine. I am sure you'll get a result but maybe shorten it slightly?

Also, a double hook? Please...No need. Avoid using them.
You won't lose any more fish if you use a single hook and by using doubles you may and will harm under size sea trout.

Nice pattern though.


Thanks RD, i will take...

Thanks RD, i will take onboard the single hook aspect.

Im sure that there wont be many Ragworms around in May, but im sure that instinct might just get a fish to take it?

Im now going to look at the Fredde and Pastry Flies, and some of the brilliant patterns i have found on the site.

Reading some literature it would appear that in May there may be shoals of Herring in the Silver belt? Is it worth tying some patterns to mimic these?


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Interesting Patterns for the...

Interesting Patterns for the rag Worm. That would Work [i:5844eac373]Great[/i:5844eac373] in the Southern California Surf... :wink:

How about a description of how the extended body is constructed??

[b:5844eac373][i:5844eac373]DEAN ~~~[/i:5844eac373][/b:5844eac373] 8) 8)



The first 3 pics on this link should help, the mount is tied on braid.


(Sorry for posting a link)

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Thanks for the Link... I'll just substitute the double Iron for a Saltwater hook and it will work perfectly... I'll post a picture or two of the end result.... It oughta kick some Bu-tay in the Local surf... :wink:

[b:f94328de68][i:f94328de68]DEAN ~~~[/i:f94328de68][/b:f94328de68] 8) 8)

Nice raggie, I use the same...

Nice raggie, I use the same prinicpal for lugs, but just use olive instead of orange, and obviously make it a bit fatter.

Haven't caught anything on it yet, but the arrival of a new daughter during the lug swimming season maybe had something to do with it :roll:

rag worm...

[color=black:9c717b8aa2][/color:9c717b8aa2]That pattern should work well on the east coast. We have regular worm "hatches", From Maine, on down the coast. Do "hatches" occur, from spring until fall, in Denmark? I will be making a trip, hopefully with my band, and to see my relatives inSjaelland, and I always take a rod on tour. :D Lars

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two patterns are coming up on GFF within a few days. Step-by-step guides, background and convincing photos.


Rag worm...

A couple of days before I bought very interesting DVD (unfortunately only in Danish) and in this DVD you can see step by step tying of several top danish sea trout flies. All flies are tied by Claus Eriksen and rag worm is one fly from the selection. He uses fire line to join first and second hook and this fly works really well. I try to add my copy of his fly, sorry, I had not proper materials:-)

Once the seatrout starts to...

Once the seatrout starts to appear on the spots I fish( :twisted: :lol: ), this one is going for a swim. The "Wool Worm". Basically a dubbingloop of wool mixed with fox hair as tail on a long-shanked hook, heavily weighted at the front end.





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