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Year: 2023
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Mar 25. 2023 Olive Ragworm The ragworms are really everywhere at the coast in these days so don’t go fishing without these in your box. Easy to tie and a good imitation. Tight lines, Christian Krogh Materials: Ahrex ns110 size 6 Veevus black power thread Olive marabou Olive flash Olive squirrel brush( use an olive dub) Ewing olive feather Olive STF dubbing Video 1 hour 7 min
Mar 21. 2023 Red Krafla Trout Here we will be tying the fly Krafla by mr. Kristján Gíslason in a trout version. The fly is a great option for both stream and lake fishing. The fly catches both brown trout and arctic char, seatrout and salmon. I love tying it since it's a little challenge. It's fun to tie and fine to have in your box. I've caught quite a few on this one! Pattern Video 3 days 14 hours
Mar 21. 2023 Overtaker Here we will be tying the fly Overtaker that is some sort of an opposite fly from the Undertaker fly by John Don Gapen. The fly is a great option for both stream and lake fishing and has been used as a streamer as well. It's a salmon pattern in general but it will also attracht fish like seatrout and even the Arctic char. Video 3 days 15 hours
Mar 21. 2023 Plumeaux Fly - Feather Duster Green Drake fly from France. In “French Fishing Flies” by JP Pequegnot he mentions a style of flies called 'Plumeaux' or feather dusters where a long mallard duck breast feather is supported by a rooster hackle to create that duster shape. These flies were used to imitate the Green Drake which is a large mayfly. Video 3 days 18 hours
Mar 18. 2023 Mallard Shrimp Time for another shrimp pattern and this time I’ve tried the Vicuna-dubbing again and added some bling bling. Check it out. Find a lot more content on my Insta account christiankrog36 Video 6 days 17 hours
Mar 18. 2023 Mosquito Video 1 week 13 min
Mar 18. 2023 Scottie's Mcfly The Streamer that Catches it all. Materials- Orvis Streamer hook size 4 White and Orange Maribou Pearl Chenille Crystal Flash Conehead Bead head *This fly will catch largemouth, smallmouth, trout, and everything in between, it is truly the swiss army knife of streamers* Video 1 week 16 min
Mar 18. 2023 Trip Saver Trip Saver Blog-Post & Recipe: Trip Saver Ingredients List Hook- 3769 Sz 10 Video 1 week 18 min
Mar 18. 2023 Competition Style Perdigon Nymph Perdigons are designed by competitors. Its functional fly that is 100% functional. No extra details. In my opinion this one is second best perdigon i tried. In this video i will mention how i fix jig off bead and why i think jig off beads are superior to other beads.... Hope you will enjoy it Vladimir Video 1 week 29 min
Mar 18. 2023 Micro Jelly Cat Sean's Music... Materials Used; Video 1 week 31 min
Mar 17. 2023 Micro Minnow Minnows upcycle small lifeforms into a tasty package of protein for bigger fish to eat, so minnow imitations make effective flies Article 1 week 1 day
Mar 17. 2023 Trout Flies That Should be Banned Learn about Tim's favorite flies for fly fishing: Video 1 week 1 day
Mar 17. 2023 Green Frog Popper Full tying tutorial and surface action footage! For warm days and nights and surface feeding predators. Bass, pike and even large trout love frogs and other amphibians. This imitation makes a lot of noise and wiggle those long legs. It sure will call up most predators. Video 1 week 1 day
Mar 16. 2023 Sallý Here we will be tying the fly Sallý by mister Pétur Steingrímsson. Sallý was one of the first patterns that Pétur made and devised back in the days few decades back. The fly is a great option for salmon fishing here in Iceland. The Sallý is a magic fly from that perspective that it's gonna catch you more than only salmon. Local brown trout and seatrout will also bite the Sallý fly. Video 1 week 1 day
Mar 16. 2023 Alma Rún In this tutorial we'll be tying the famous pattern Alma Rún by mr. Sigursteinn Húbertsson (1932-2013). Sigursteinn designed the fly and named it after his granddaughter who fished with him. Sigursteinn fished a lot in lakes like Hlíðarvatn in Selvogur, but that's where the Alma Rún fly comes from. Video 1 week 1 day
Mar 16. 2023 Haugur Micro Here we will be tying the fly Haugur by Sigurður Héðinn in a micro version. The Haugur fly has been around in Iceland for years and has long ago proven it to be one of the really best salmon patterns there are in Iceland. This micro version is perfect for sensitive conditions as low water or sunny and bright days. It's not too difficult to tie and it really works great! Video 1 week 1 day
Mar 15. 2023 Calico Caddis Detailed instructions for tying a Calico Caddis. Hook: Fulling Mill 5115, size 16. Thread: UTC 70 Denier, rusty brown. Body: Rabbit fur dubbing, olive & yellow-olive. Back: Permanent marker, brown. Video 1 week 2 days
Mar 15. 2023 Sulphur Parachute Sulphur Parachute is kind of specific imitation but by changing color of the biot we can imitate almost all mayflies we have in rivers or lakes. In this video i am showing how to deal with biot. Trick i learned from a friend. How to prepare parachute post so wrapping hackle goes smoothly. Hope you will find it useful Vladimir Video 1 week 2 days
Mar 15. 2023 Pheasant Tail Buzzer/Midge Pupa Materials Used; Hook, Fulling Mill Competition Heavyweight size 14 Thread, Uni-8/0 Black Tail,Body and Thorax Cover, Dyed Black Pheasant Tail Fibres Ribs, Small Red Holographic Tinsel and Small Silver Wire Breathers, White Wool Video 1 week 2 days
Mar 15. 2023 Green Highlander One of the most famous creators of classic salmon flies was Dr. T. E. Pryce-Tannat, who in his book “How To Dress Salmon Flies” from 1914 presented a fly he called The Green Highlander - that fly has become one of the most well known patterns in the world of salmon flies. Video 1 week 2 days
Mar 15. 2023 Low Water Style C P Ally's Shrimp Materials Used; Hook, Low Water Salmon size 8 Thread, Uni-8/0 Red Tail. Pink and Hot Orange Ducktail and Pearl Nano Flash Tag and Rib, Small Oval Silver Tinsel Body, Uni-Floss Hot Pink and Black Wing, Grey Squirrel and Dyed Hot Orange Golden Pheasant Tippet Hackle, Hot Orange and Pink Hen or Cock Video 1 week 2 days
Mar 15. 2023 Craft Fur Baitfish Hi there and welcome to another fly tying tutorial. A little craft fur and dubbing fish was the result of a few hours of testing new stuff. Video 1 week 3 days
Mar 13. 2023 White-Belly Matuka Why tie a White Belly Matuka? A Parr-Marked Baby Brown-Trout Fly With a Reverse-Tied Mini-Marabou Wing & Belly. Video 1 week 5 days
Mar 11. 2023 Belize River Lodge - Long Caye Outpost How we start at dawn at this fantastic place. By Elisabeth Eriksen and André Brun. Video 1 week 6 days
Mar 11. 2023 Colt Actionrod Restoration Jim Burchette restored an old glass rod - stripped and rebuilt it - and it came out as good as new Article 1 week 6 days
Mar 10. 2023 Bill Edson's Dark Tiger The Dark Tiger is the badass brother of the Light Tiger. While the Light Tiger is elegant and classy I've always found the Dark Tiger a bit more clumsy looking. The fat chenille body and the large yellow head, makes it look cheaper than it's sibling. But trout and salmon love this fly, and I feel sure that smallmouth bass and panfish do as well. Video 2 weeks 1 day
Mar 9. 2023 Parachute Adams The parachute Adams is probably the most popular dry fly ever created. Parachute flies lay differently on top of the water, and with the right conditions and time of hatch they can work even better than standard catskill style dries. However obviously there are certain times the catskill style can work better as well. So its always recommended having a few of each style in your boxes. Video 2 weeks 2 days
Mar 8. 2023 Bill Edson's Light Tiger The Light Tiger and the Dark Tiger is probably Bill Edson’s most famous streamer flies. In this video I will show you how I tie the Light Tiger, and especially how I prepare the famous brass eyes before tying them in. Video 2 weeks 2 days
Mar 8. 2023 Mr. Jones Mr. Jones Fly Tying Recipe: (Click the links below to purchase the materials from Charlie) Thread: Tan Veevus 8/0 Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 8. 2023 Kenobi STF Baitfish If your fly box is in lacks of some small yet super-effective baitfish imitations and the time is short, then we have again had the skilled fishing guide and sea trout expert Jan "Kenobi" Nachtigal behind the tying-vice and demonstrate his "to-go" fly which has proven its worth again and again... It doesn't always have to be super realistic imitations to be effective. Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 8. 2023 Red Flashwing Flies for the majestic salmon are proberbly some of the flies that are surrounded by the most traditions and unwritten rules. In the past, the fullydressed classic salmonflies consisted of a lot of exotic materials and complicated techniques - but it was also the "king of the fish" that was the target. Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 8. 2023 Trångfors Streamer Our Swedish flytyer and flyfisher Håkan Karsnäser is, in addition to a skilled and creative flytyer, also a person who thinks simple and effective flies for his fishing in the Swedish lakes and rivers. A few years ago, he lived close to a Swedish river where he tied this heavy streamer in colors that matched the surroundings and the color of the river. Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 8. 2023 Paolo's Articulated Double Tail In this episode pike fly tying tutorial, Niklaus Bauer will show us how to tie "Paolo's Articulated Double Tail" - a variation on one of Paolo Pacchiarini's favorite patterns. It swims like a game changer when you fish it roly-poly but if you fish it with short hard pull’s, it kicks side to side like nothing else. Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 8. 2023 Mini-Beast Tying a Mini BEAST off the cuff with the industry standard bucktail...roughly 3.5" in length. Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 8. 2023 Electric Shop-Vac Join this channel for MONTHLY FLIES, Sneak Peeks, and generally cool stuff: Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 8. 2023 Split Foam Back Emerger Split Foam Back Emerger Fly Tying Recipe: (Click the links below to purchase the materials from our store) Hook: #16-18 Tiemco 3761 Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 8. 2023 Loch Harray Trout Fly So the Monkey was developed for the Spring Invitational on Harray to be fished on 10th June 2011. After chatting to James Bews (Harray expert) we noted the fish would be starting to come out of the skerries a bit looking for caenis feeders should they conditions suit. So we wanted to develop a fly that would appeal to the midge feeders and the caenis feeders. Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 8. 2023 Hot Pink Bug This is the most Effective Pattern I have used for Grayling Material Used ;; Hook size 14 ,, Bead 3.5mm Tungsten Black Thread Pink 8/0 ,, Body Hot Pink Nymph Skin or Rubber Band Dubbing Black Synthetic , As for going through Ribs 1.5lb Mono Video 2 weeks 3 days
Mar 2. 2023 Olsen's CDC Midge My #1 Midge Dry Fly Pattern! Video 3 weeks 1 day
Mar 2. 2023 Squirrel Tail Brush Minnow A couple weeks ago I did a video on the brush minnow. One of my customers favorite flies for fishing Tarpon. Recently I had a request from him to add a rabbit or squirrel strip tail on the back to give more movement. And here is that fly. As I said in the previous video on this pattern, it is versatile with types of tail or material used for the brush. Video 3 weeks 2 days
Mar 2. 2023 Fluo Spot Nymph Need to fill up the box with heavy nymphs in no time? Video 3 weeks 2 days
Mar 2. 2023 Jiggly Pat's Detailed instructions for tying a Jiggly Pat's stonefly nymph. This is part of a series of Tim Flagler's collaboration with Fly Tyer Magazine. Check out his article about the fly in the Spring 2023 issue of Fly Tyer Magazine: Recipe: Video 3 weeks 2 days
Mar 1. 2023 The Day Drifter Caddis A more lifelike peeking caddis fly featuring a caddis worm that's got legs. Video 3 weeks 3 days
Feb 26. 2023 Sea Blue Baitfish Ultra life like and durable baitfish pattern. Welcome to another flytying tutorial. This time it’s the sea blue baitfish. A super easy and very durable little fly to mimic a baitfish. Have a look and I hope you’ll subscribe for more content. Find more stuff on my Instagram: christiankrog36 Tight lines, Christian Krogh Video 3 weeks 6 days
Feb 25. 2023 Zonker Baitfish Here we will be tying a Zonker by myself in the classic baitfish colours. This is the first Zonker fly I tie on the channel, but trust me there will be more of them coming this winter. The baitfish colours in a streamer pattern are great option for both stream and lake fishing. This fly I've had good success fishing for Brown Trout and Seatrout. Video 3 weeks 6 days
Feb 25. 2023 Fishing in Sauðlauksdalur Lake Fishing in Sauðlauksdalsvatn lake in 100% still weather. No fish were rising however. Video 3 weeks 6 days
Feb 25. 2023 Teal and Black Here we will be tying the famous fly pattern Teal and black. The fly is originally from the United Kingdom and it has a sister pattern called Black Pennell that's reminds a lot to the original Teal and black pattern. The fly Teal and black is a classic wet fly pattern that's excellent for fishing for brown trout and Arctic char here in Iceland. Video 3 weeks 6 days
Feb 24. 2023 White & Chartreuse Bunny Pike musky bass trout predator fly tying tutorial. Tying SBS and underwater swimming action on one of the world’s most effective streamer flies - and one of the easiest to tie. Whether you are a new fly tyer or an experienced dude, who just likes spending more time on the water than behind the vise - The Bunny Fly is a great choice for you. Video 4 weeks 1 day
Feb 23. 2023 Salmon on a dry fly Catching and releasing a salmon on dry fly in late evening.Fished, filmed and edited by Paul Hanley. All rights reserved 2020. Video 4 weeks 1 day
Feb 23. 2023 Salmon Fly Fishing Ireland Catching a nice salmon on my switch fly rod. Fished, filmed and edited by Paul Hanley. All rights reserved 2020. Video 4 weeks 1 day