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Video titlesort descending Originator Review DVD cover Reviewed
7 Degrees South Daniel Göz 2013
A Backyard in Nowhere Smatis Film and Sellfish Media After having seen this DVD, I'm reminded in many ways about my feelings after having seen the first of AEG's videos, Trout Bum Diaries.
A Passion Called Salmon Sasha Savic A fascinating journey with the salmon passionate Sasha Savic visiting some of the world's most fantastic salmon rivers, telling a very personal story about salmon fishing and the preservation of Atlantic salmon. 2012
A South African fly tying journey Ed Herbst & Andrew Ingram This first DVD, in a series, is a documentary journey of the history of fly fishing in South Africa, providing lovely insight to the first trout that was introduced to the streams of South Africa a 2011
A Year in the Life Jonathan Tomlinson Jonathan Tomlinson's video "A Year in the Life" is an hour of mesmerizing fish porn. Or should I call it fish erotica? That sounds a bit more sophisticated 2017
Bass Jamie Howard With trailers available nearly a year before the film was available for purchase, BASS: THE MOVIE was indeed one of the most hyped fishing films in recent times. 2010
Bob Jacklin's Yellowstone Ties Bob Jacklin Bob Jacklin is one of a handful of true legends in Fly Tying, and certainly needs no introduction here. 2006
Bonefish Charles Rangeley-Wilson and Matthew Dyas Charles Rangeley-Wilson is an apparently mild-mannered Englishman who spends most of his time in the London area. 2010
Bonefishing the Flats with Craig Mathews Craig Mathews Even though I do have a few remarks regarding this DVD, it is certainly one of the better ones I have watched lately, and definitely the best how-to DVD I have seen on bonefishing. 2005
Cast Alaska Dave Holsman (lead angler), Kevin Morris (producer), Charlie Hewitt (narrator) This DVD has definitely stimulated my urge to go fishing in Alaska sometime in my life. 2011
Casting At Shadows Chris Cook, Ben Marlow & Bradley Lucas This video has a nicely paced intro with great ambiance shots of the Christmas Island. Miles upon miles of pristine flats. Indeed! 2011
Casting That Fly 1/2 - Basics/Advanced Niels Vestergaard The absolute first words from casting instructor Lars Christian Bentsen in this video expresses my feelings about fly casting videos very well: Can you become a better caster by watching this video 2013
Casting trio, The Pefect Cast - Distance and Delicacy - Cracking the Code Henrik Mortensen These three DVD's on casting and salmon fishing are quite an odyssey through these subjects and at the same time a journey almost as far around the world as you can come. 2006
Casts that Catch Fish Carl McNiel, Jeanie Ackley Hard core casting videos are not as common as fishing-in-the-places-of-your-dreams videos. 2011
Catch the moment Ralf Haeger A fly fishing video made by Germans is a welcome addition to a continuous stream of Commonwealth and US based videos. 2009
Czech Nymph DVD Johan Klingberg/Jussi Sjölund Quiet and easygoing. Entertaining and educating. High quality and Global Class! 2009
Destination Trout - New Zealand Intrepid Angler If you have plans to go to New Zealand or just want a confirmation that New Zealand is a worthwhile destination to put on your list of places to fish before you lay down your rods, this is a DVD yo 2011
Equilibrium Grant Wiswell A fishing film in the form of a classic documentary - and a good one of the kind. A close to perfect mix of environmental consciousness and fishing action, but all too short. 2010
Essential Patterns with Oliver Edwards Oliver Edwards With the release of "Essential Patterns", Oliver Edwards and his production crew have raised the bar yet again for fly tying instructional video. 2005
Essential Skills - 6 volumes Oliver Edwards I first heard of - or rather saw - Oliver Edwards videos on a cd that was packaged with the British magazine Fly Fishing & Fly Tying. The cd featured some short cuts from the six tapes. 2002
Feeding Time Drake Magazine A single disk! And that's it.
No real DVD cover, no colorful photos, no neat booklet. Just the title printed on a white DVD.
Fish Bum Volume I: Mongolia Chris Owens, Thad Robison, Justin Crump and Brian Jill The opening scenes of River Wolf - after the titles - are no less than breathtaking. And by that I mean breathtaking in the literal sense of the word. 2008
Fish Eye 4 Mike E. Wier This is somewhat a novelty to me although it's been out for quite a while now: A fly fishing video magazine. 2010
Fly Fishing for Mullet Brian Kjaer, Jane Westen Mullet Fever The mullet season is here in the Baltic, and this excellent DVD just turns the mullet fever up several degrees. 2006
Fly Fishing the World John Barrett I bought this set of DVD's inspired by Henry Winkler, who mentions it in his book "I've never met an idiot on the river" (which I bought inspired by 2011
Flycasting Faults & Fixes Mel Krieger For those who have seen Mel Krieger - either in real life or on video - this is not new: the man is a one-man theater! 2006
Gaula Daniel Göz and Anton Hamacher A stunning and beautifully filmed portrait of the Norwegian salmon river Gaula. 2012
Geofish Motiv Fishing The catchphrase for this DVD is "Fish.Drive.Survive.", which very well sums up what it's all about. 2012
Giants of the Em Mountain Media Large Baltic sea trout caught on spey rods in the classical waters of the river Em. Beautiful autumn impressions from a water that has been world class for a century. 2009
Green Tide We are used to seeing New Zealand in connection with fly fishing. The North and South Islands renowned fishing for trout is so well covered in video and text that it's almost tiresome... 2010
Hatch Nick Reygaert 2012
Heads or Tails Phil Jagger Permit in Australia must be the new thing in fly fishing, judging from this DVD and a host online videos popping up during the last few years. 2011
Heart of the Driftless Robert Thompson Robert Thompson is definitely one of my favorite fly-fishing video makers. 2012
In Search of a Rising Tide Jamie Howard It's short, but it's very good, this unorthodox DVD about bonefishing. 2005
Itu's Bones Carl McNiel I honestly didn't know that bonefish were caught commercially and eaten! 2012
Journey of a Thousand Casts Jeff Layton This is a very personal film, an very different film but also a very good film.
Make 'Em Swim Guideline - Mikael Frödin Two hours of fly-tying. My wife says that it is the best way to fall asleep - meditative with those monotone voices and repetitions over and over. Not this time. 2008
Mayflies and More Chris Sandford This is a fly-tying DVD covering 10 very useful patterns for stream fishing. 2012
Mayfly Madness Johan Klingberg/Ulf Börjesson/Jussi Sjölund This is a little and all too unknown fishing video gem. 2010
Mel Krieger's Patagonia Juan Pablo Reynal (Mel Krieger) The first words spoken on this DVD are: "Every so often in life comes a person that is one step above the rest...", and it continues talking about Mel Krieger - who is the person in question as "No 2006
Metalhead Creekside Media It is always hard to make a follow up. This one is no different. It has to follow up a several very successful DVDs. 2010
Modern fly fishing Johan Klingberg/Jussi Sjölund The Swedish video producer Mountain Media has been doing fishing videos for (almost) as long as I can remember... for a long time at least. 2011
Modern Spey Casting Dec Hogan 2006
Musky Country Robert Thompson This is in essence a portrait of two anglers telling about their relation to the toothy musky. Pike bums if I ever saw a couple. 2011
Nervous Water DVD RA Beattie I stumbled over this DVD while traveling in Canada, and fell for it's value for money. You get more than three hours of high class fishing video for a price of 25 US dollars.
New Zealand Trophy Waters Bruce Masson I'm watching a guy wading an ice cold snow melt water stream in New Zealand as I write this. On a video of course (or should that be unfortunatly?).
Night of the Hex Robert Thompson 2011
Once in a Blue Moon Carl McNeil I find it hard say anything bad about this DVD. 2009
Only the River Knows Peter A Christensen, Rolf Nylinder, Mathis Eskjaer I have no idea why this DVD has the subtitle "A Fly Fishing Tragedy". It's not a tragedy. It's a celebration!
A celebration of New Zealand.
A celebration of friends going fishing.
Patagonian Silver Mountain Media 2011
Pike & Fly Niels Vestergaard A DVD dedicated to fly fishing for pike by Danish Niels Vestergaard 2016
Pike on the Fly Barry Reynolds 2010
Practical Fly Patterns That Catch Trout Charlie Meck and Eric Stroup In this two volume set of DVDs, Charlie Meck, one of the most prolific writers in all of fly fishing and a recognized master of the Pennsylvania limestone trout streams, and Eric Stroup, founder 2006
Predator Nick Reygeart 2013
Raising the Ghost FlyBoys 2010
Red Gold Travis Rummel and Ben Knight This DVD is probably the prime example of the documentary trend that I mentioned in my article about the new breed of fly fishing videos.
Revolution Paul Arden I feel a poem coming...
Don't say that I didn't warn you! Here goes:
Rise + Drift Jim Klug, Tom Bie, Chris Patterson I have taken the liberty of reviewing these two epic DVD's in one review. 2010
River Academy Dean Hodson, John Pearson, Dean Andrews & John Tyzack I have chosen to review these three DVD's in one review, mostly because they are part of a series and very consistent in concept and production. 2011
Rivers of a Lost Coast Justin Coupe & Palmer Taylor This is once more a fishing DVD, which leans heavily on feature and documentary tradtions rather than fishing video traditions. And that's a good thing!
Running down the man Ben Knight & Travis Rummel Now here's something which you don't see that often: fishing for roosterfish from the beach. No boat, no guide, no poling. 2007
Sea Trout Secrets 1-4 Niels Vestergaard If you have been a regular on GFF for any time during its long existence, you will know that my everyday fishing is chasing sea run brown trout - we call them sea trout.
Sea Trout Secrets 5+6 Niels Vestergaard If you are a sea trout angler who like me has just fished a week on the Baltic coast in pursue of coastal sea trout and haven't felt a tug, these videos will reinvigorate you and restore your belie 2014
Soulfish Mike E. Wier On this DVD from 2008 Mikey Wier takes the grand tour of fly fishing in pursuit of the soul of the game. 2010
Stepping into the Stream Barbara Klutinis A video about women fly fishing, and not just about fly fishing, but also about connecting with nature and themselves. 2011
Streamer Flies for Trophy Trout Kelly Galloup Kelly Galloup, author of "Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout", brings us a new DVD where he ties some of the flies from his book. 2006
Summer in Europe Andrej and Peter Polcic It's rare to see European fly fishing DVD's an even rarer to see an Eastern European fly fishing DVD. This is one. 2007
Swedish Lapland Mountain Media We follow Swedish Gunnar Westrin and his friend Palle Andersson on a nice and cozy fly-fishing trip to the northern part of Sweden. 2012
Tapâm Jan Bach Kristensen & Daniel Göz This DVD is amazing! Surprising! Different! 2011
The Anglers Paradise John Ball 2010
The Dead Drift Steve Couper 2010
The Dream Stream Thomas Ohman Thomas Ohman, a professional photographer who has lots of experience from making TV for the Swedish Television, takes us on a mad mans trip to the northern part of Sweden. 2010
The Fish & The Fly 1 Niels Vestergaard, Morten Oeland I've just started watching the third DVD in the series as I write this introduction to the review, and I can only say to those many who want to get into doing fly fishing videos: watch and learn. 2011
The Fish & The Fly 3 Niels Vestergaard, Morten Oeland 2011
The Fish & The Fly 4 Niels Vestergaard 2012
The Graphite Fly Rod Russ Gooding Now, we all know that winter is the season for building rods. 2008
The Hatch Travis Rummel & Ben Knight I have had this film for a while now. It was released in 2005, but spurred by a recent new release by Felt Soul Media, I decided to dig this out and watch it again - and review it.
The Lost World of Mr. Hardy Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier This is a beautifully shot and produced DVD, which will be candy to anyone interested in the history of fly fishing and of Hardy in particular. 2008
The Rising Salar Dennis & Henrik Petersen, Roar Velle The video starts out nicely sketching the contrast between work and fishing as many of us recognize it. 2014
The Scandinavian Spey Cast - Part II Henrik Mortensen 2009
The Search Kent Fraser, Nick Reygaert, Craig Worthington, Mat McHugh and Simon Cox Sometimes you run across fishing DVD's, which are so different from the average fishing DVD that it's remarkable. This DVD is definitely one of them. And that in a good way. 2008
The Source - Iceland Nick Reygaert I had a bunch of friends who were fishing in Iceland while I was watching this DVD (again) to review it. The DVD did undeniably make me a bit and envious. 2011
The Source - New Zealand Nick Reygaert The Source DVD's are growing into a series with chapters on Tasmania, New Zealand and Iceland. 2011
The Source - Tasmania Nick Reygeart Is Tasmania the new black? A new spot on the fly angler's map replacing New Zealand, which has been on there for so many years?
The Trout Bum Diaries Angling Exploration Group A fantastic DVD packed with sizzling fly fishing action from Patagonia edited like a snowboard or extreme sports video with hefty music, fast cutting and lots of pace. 2006
The Underwater World of Trout Wendell (Ozzie) Ozefivich Bob Petti's review:
The Underwater World of Trout Wendell 'Ozzie' Ozefovich Several years ago, a friend of mine was telling me about a video seminar he
saw at a local Trout Unlimited meeting given by a man from New Jersey who liked
Tributaries RC Cone In an odd way the highlight of this video is the final poor quality Skype conversation, which takes place between the three main characters, Prescott Smith, Siggi Haugur and Tuqui Viscarro. 2014
Trout Bum Diaries - Kiwi Camo Angling Exploration Group About 56½ minutes into this DVD one of the participants says: "When we woke up in the morning, we had no idea where we were. It kinda looked like we set up camp in some farmer's driveway. 2007
Trout Grass Andy Royer (prod.), Ed George (instr.), David James Duncan (narr.) This is a fantastic journey! And in more than one sense. 2005
Turning Tail Carter Davidson This is another DVD, which lies in the span between the typical fishing video and the documentary or environmental feature. 2012
Tying Tenkara Flies LearnTenkara I'm so glad this video hasn't been dubbed in English!
Uncharted Waters Stuart Morgan & Jon Chappel 2012
Urban Flyfishing Dean Hodson, John Pearson, Dean Andrews & John Tyzack 2011