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Mar 30. 2022 Virtual fly tying Together far apart Martin Joergensen Here in Denmark, where I live, Corona has lost its grip... Martin Joergensen
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Sep 29. 2021 The up-to-date game The dreaded 404-page Martin Joergensen One of my pet peeves when doing web sites (which I do... Martin Joergensen
Jun 29. 2021 A lousy old fly rod Fishing on Bornholm Kasper Mühlbach Many years ago during a week-long fishing trip to the... Martin Joergensen
Jan 7. 2021 Being on Instagram I’m not an avid instagrammer, but I both post pictures there and sometimes browse images to see... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 5. 2020 Counting newsletter openings and clicks Logging the sending Martin Joergensen I send out newsletters from GFF about 4-5-6 times a... Martin Joergensen
Dec 2. 2020 Merging Wordpress content into Drupal From WordPress to Drupal Martin Joergensen I recently had to merge the content of a... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 17. 2019 About getting skunked Skunked... who cares? Martin Joergensen In the beginning fishing was a question of getting... Martin Joergensen
Oct 4. 2019 Does anyone proofread this crap? Dear anonymous AKA Proof R. Eader, I got your comment to an article on the site a few days ago. It... Martin Joergensen
Sep 26. 2019 I'm on the air! I'm on the air! Wet Fly Swing/Luca Barosselli I didn't quite make it to be podcast number... Martin Joergensen
Sep 10. 2019 The magazine image system A magazine block from GFF Martin Joergensen Many years ago, in 2006, I bumped into a great... Martin Joergensen
Aug 30. 2019 Flies Photo Gadget v2.0 Flies Photo Gadget new version Martin Joergensen Some time ago I bought a macro photo light... Martin Joergensen
Aug 16. 2019 All your book are belong to us! Kim unboxing Martin Joergensen I spent new years evening 2018/19 together with my wife... Martin Joergensen
Jul 20. 2019 Bob brought two books The books Martin Joergensen GFF partner Bob Petti and his wife Rhonda took a holiday to... Martin Joergensen
Jun 19. 2019 Some books arrived I have whined about book costs before, and will probably do so again. Actually, just mentioning it... Martin Joergensen
Mar 7. 2019 Danish Fly Festival Impressions Packed and ready Martin Joergensen Every second year, the Danish branch of Federation of Fly... Martin Joergensen
Feb 25. 2019 Why I like tying at shows Many, many years ago, like in 1996, Dutch fly tyer Hans Weilenmann asked me if I wanted to tie at... Martin Joergensen
Feb 19. 2019 Unlimited access... not Limited access Anton Stonor One of the reasons for Denmark's coasts to be as attractive to... Martin Joergensen
Jan 20. 2019 Flies for a friend The flash Martin Joergensen Three good friends of mine are going to the Faroe Islands to... Martin Joergensen
Jan 9. 2019 My book register My system Martin Joergensen A couple of years ago I decided to order my books according to... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 8. 2018 Danish Fly Festival 2019 Festival poster 2019 FFFD/Charles jardine It takes place every second year, and can... Martin Joergensen
Nov 24. 2018 Lazy loading Lazy loading Martin Joergensen When you do various performance analysis on your site – as... Martin Joergensen
Sep 15. 2018 No tsundoku here! Tsundoku. PS: I did read all these.. except for one... Martin Joergensen I slowly stopped... Martin Joergensen
Sep 13. 2018 When real life takes over Working hard Martin Joergensen The life of a self employed web site developer like myself... Martin Joergensen
Jun 11. 2018 Three strikes... I constantly get mails like this: “Are you still accepting guest posts?” (Nope, never did!) “Are... Martin Joergensen
Jun 10. 2018 Why I hate complexity I have just fiddled with installing a PHP library from Google. The library allows me to extract... Martin Joergensen
May 6. 2018 Do you like this site? The GFF money box Martin Joergensen The Global FlyFisher has been online since the mid-90's... Martin Joergensen
Apr 28. 2018 Not a single cast Getting out Martin Joergensen Almost as long as I have been fly-fishing seriously, I have... Martin Joergensen
Apr 16. 2018 Green storage Green shelves Martin Joergensen I have blogged about this before: GFF is getting a new... Martin Joergensen
Apr 4. 2018 Caught between a book and a hard place A while back I received a press announcement from a book publisher. This happens ever so often when... Martin Joergensen
Feb 21. 2018 Drupal, YouTube and Vimeo integration The video page Martin Joergensen The video section on the Global FlyFisher was a success... Martin Joergensen
Feb 18. 2018 The new GFF HQ Before Martin Joergensen When I work to make money, I work from home. I site at a computer... Martin Joergensen
Jan 21. 2018 That book thing, again... As you may know I love books. I have posted about books many times on this blog. While I myself... Martin Joergensen
Jan 4. 2018 The decline of GFF 2017-2018 Martin Joergensen The most busy day ever on The Global FlyFisher was probably some... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 10. 2017 I bought myself a book… eh, two books The cover of Clarke's book Barry Ord Clarke One copy is on the table in front of me. The... Martin Joergensen
Nov 10. 2017 Top Saltwater Flies US fly tyer and author Drew Chicone has been brewing on a set of three very interesting books. The... Martin Joergensen
Jun 25. 2017 Preserving old URLs A helpful 404-page Martin Joergensen A site as old as the Global FlyFisher has been through... Martin Joergensen
Jun 3. 2017 To like or not to like Money can buy you love Martin Joergensen I have been on Facebook for a while now. Since the... Martin Joergensen
Jun 1. 2017 Why tying with others is great A tying session Martin Joergensen A handful of Danish fly anglers and tyers have been kind... Martin Joergensen
May 24. 2017 Do me a favor, kiss your spouse Holding hands Martin Joergensen A while back my wife returned from an evening together with... Martin Joergensen
May 10. 2017 The mothers’ yarns Yarn Martin Joergensen My in-laws are in their late 80’s and have just moved from a large... Martin Joergensen
Apr 30. 2017 Getting review ratings shown on Google Ratings in Google Martin Joergensen When searching for different things on Google I noticed... Martin Joergensen
Apr 8. 2017 The Path of the Jaguar This project was brought to my attention by GFF contributor Carlos Heinsohn, who is very active in... Martin Joergensen
Apr 4. 2017 Node number 50,000 Drupal's base content unit is a node. A node is essentially a content element of any content type.... Martin Joergensen
Mar 24. 2017 Oh, books! Since this was written I reviewed a couple of the books mentioned: The Fly Fisher Farlows Salmon... Martin Joergensen
Mar 7. 2017 After the Festival The flies I tied Martin Joergensen Think about it... how much better can it get for an avid... Martin Joergensen
Mar 2. 2017 Off to the Fly Festival 2017 Danish Fly Festival Martin Joergensen Every second year a couple of sports halls and a... Martin Joergensen
Feb 16. 2017 Let’s support Davie McPhail McPhail on YouTube YouTube Davie McPhail is one heck of a fly tyer. He shows that clearly... Martin Joergensen
Feb 9. 2017 No fast forward! I now officially hate - like in deplore, detest, despise, loathe - fly tying videos with fast... Martin Joergensen
Jan 8. 2017 The Danish Fly Festival 2017 The Festival poster FFFD The Danish Fly Festival has been taking place for many years. I... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 27. 2016 The coolest bobbin holder Work in progress Ilias Fn Karanzas I follow quite a few streamer tyers on Facebook, and... Martin Joergensen
Dec 20. 2016 Laser cut tool holders Vise stem lamp and tool holder Martin Joergensen When I look out over my tying table, I see... Martin Joergensen
Nov 22. 2016 Do me a favor: go fishing! Kim Nyborg Martin Joergensen Just this past week an old fly tying friend died. Kim was one... Martin Joergensen
Nov 15. 2016 A little about caching Drupal is a flexible and intricate system, which can build some really complex pages based on many... Martin Joergensen
Oct 24. 2016 Why the drama? TV Shows See a list of various TV Shows and episodes actually worth watching here. I'm watching... Martin Joergensen
Sep 2. 2016 Fighting spam on GFF With 5,000 and sometimes 10,000 daily visitors on a well known site as GFF, it naturally becomes a... Martin Joergensen
Aug 10. 2016 The Regal mystery Mystifying reaction I got an unexpected and even more mystifying reaction from Regal on this blog... Martin Joergensen
Jul 29. 2016 The fixed top menu Sticky is your friend All the good advice below is quite OK, but the real solution to this issue... Martin Joergensen
Jul 27. 2016 The technology behind LeaderCalc A very short intro to what LeaderCalc does for the non-flyfisher. Leaders are tapered lines that... Martin Joergensen
Jul 26. 2016 #‎flypatternphotochallenge‬ I go on Facebook every now and then to look for great fishing and fly tying posts. I like to browse... Martin Joergensen
Jul 26. 2016 The GFF Drupal theme The front page Martin Joergensen A lot of the currently most popular Drupal themes are crazy... Martin Joergensen
Jul 26. 2016 The new newsletter Full newsletter in the archive Martin Joergensen Sending a newsletter isn't always a trivial... Martin Joergensen
Jul 26. 2016 GFF BTS Articles in this section will not hit the front page of the site, but live here in their own little... Martin Joergensen
Jun 9. 2016 Friends, rods and sausages Casting and having a good time Martin Joergensen Every year the last many years, CFCC,... Martin Joergensen
Jun 1. 2016 Contacting companies Contact? Not! Martin Joergensen I wonder what it is with some companies in the fly fishing... Martin Joergensen
May 20. 2016 New Danish hooks Ahrex Gammarus hook Martin Joergensen Fabricating hooks isn't something you just do on your... Martin Joergensen
Feb 19. 2016 If I had boobs Who needs a wading jacket? Joel Nielsson, WikiMedia Before I venture into this rant let me... Martin Joergensen
Feb 18. 2016 Tying session in the woods The shrimp table Martin Joergensen My good friend Henning and I had signed up for an... Martin Joergensen
Feb 9. 2016 Newsletter revival I have worked on quite a few sites, which have sent out newsletters with great success, and also... Martin Joergensen
Feb 2. 2016 My morning with videos Fishing videos Martin Joergensen One day I will make a video about my video watching. Really... Martin Joergensen
Jan 8. 2016 Pay-per-view tying I go through a large number of videos during a week. I publish maybe 10 or 20 a week, and for each... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 16. 2015 My Secret Fly Reel Fetish My current reel collection Martin Joergensen In our living room my wife and I have a small... Martin Joergensen
Nov 21. 2015 A guest post for your blog The term "guest post" is business lingo for hidden commercial, advertorial, marketing disguised as... Martin Joergensen
Nov 16. 2015 Site upgrade done Regulars on GFF have of course noticed some major changes during the last few weeks as the 20-year... Martin Joergensen
Jun 10. 2015 Image theft The Bird in Borrowed Feathers Bob Petti I sometimes venture on a small image search on the... Martin Joergensen
Jan 23. 2015 Danish Fly Festival 2015 I wouldn't miss a Danish Fly Festival for anything... almost. I have been attending the last many... Martin Joergensen
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Aug 29. 2014 I F***ing Love Fish Science! As many of you know I fish for sea run brown trout - called seatrout here in our region. I live in... Martin Joergensen
Jun 19. 2014 Summer casting party The Copenhagen Fly Casting Club has been arranging a small summer get together the the last few... Martin Joergensen
May 30. 2014 Kiss the Water Kiss the water If you buy the fantastic video about Scottish salmon fly-tyer Megan Boyd... Martin Joergensen
Apr 3. 2014 A glimpse of trout secrets Secret preview Martin Joergensen Danish fishing film maker Niels Vestegaard is a... Martin Joergensen
Jan 26. 2014 GFF made a nickel in a day! As I announced a week ago, I had been toying with the idea of covering some of the expenses I have... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 10. 2013 The Blue Marble The classic Blue Marble NASA In December 1972 the Apollo 17 was launched and put the famous... Martin Joergensen
Oct 9. 2013 New boat As many of you know I have been dependent on using a pontoon boat for fishing the last few years... Martin Joergensen
Jun 14. 2013 Good books I just did as I do once in a while: go through the tempting pages of Coch-y-Bhondu's bargain books... Martin Joergensen
Jun 2. 2013 Ode to three books - and Mike Three books, more than 4,200 $ saved! Martin Joergensen A while back I moaned and wondered... Martin Joergensen
May 5. 2013 Teaching and tying in the US In a couple of weeks I will go to the US. I will visit friends, fish a bit and do the tourist thing... Martin Joergensen
Apr 12. 2013 Almost Gone Fishin' There was a time where I'd be out fishing 70, 80 and 90 days a year - not counting my traveling to... Martin Joergensen
Apr 10. 2013 6000% profit! I have written about this subject before. Books. Expensive books. As you might know I'm a bit of a... Martin Joergensen
Mar 24. 2013 That Festival Feeling Danish Fly Festival Martin Joergensen This past weekend I went to the Danish Fly Festival... Martin Joergensen
Feb 16. 2013 Intimidated by a streamer Intimidating streamer Martin Joergensen I have written an article on the Mickey Finn... Martin Joergensen
Feb 8. 2013 Danish Fly Festival 2013 Festival 2011 impressions Martin Joergensen Every second year the Federation of Fly... Martin Joergensen
Jan 5. 2013 Another year on GFF Some years I do it, some years I don't: write a state of the GFF nation blog post. Well, this year... Martin Joergensen
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Nov 8. 2012 The video formerly known as... Only the River Knows sneak preview Martin Joergensen I have covered this project run by... Martin Joergensen
Oct 30. 2012 Go fishing! I'm sitting here in the low, late October sun, thinking about fishing. Sunny autumn days have... Martin Joergensen
Sep 23. 2012 Oarless on Fyn Right about this time... Martin Joergensen We just embarked on our week... Martin Joergensen
Sep 3. 2012 Online fishing magazines .grungy { width: 100%; background: #eee; padding : 1em; } .grungy .grungy1 { font-family : "... Martin Joergensen
Aug 16. 2012 Chugging along Article Management Martin Joergensen It's no secret that the Global FlyFisher web site has... Martin Joergensen
Jul 22. 2012 Gone fishin' Lake fishing Martin Joergensen - Hans Jacob Schou Tomorrow morning my good friend Hans... Martin Joergensen
Jun 18. 2012 Xtra Global Class! Many years ago when we started reviewing books, videos and other products we created a scale... Martin Joergensen
Jun 16. 2012 Sorry Mr. Jintao! The Chinese president WikiMedia An open letter to the president of China, Mr. Hu Jintao. To... Martin Joergensen
Jun 7. 2012 Let's help Travis I posted this video by Travis Swartz a couple of days ago. Travis tells about his plans to film a... Martin Joergensen
Jun 7. 2012 Book theft! One of my all time favorite shops and definitely my favorite bookshop and its owner Paul Morgan... Martin Joergensen
May 26. 2012 Essential Edwards We have covered Oliver Edwards' book Flytyer's Masterclass the first time many years ago (17... Martin Joergensen
May 16. 2012 Fleye Foils Fleye Foil fly David Edwards Pop Fleyes... yes fleyes not flies. That's what Bob Popovics... Martin Joergensen
May 15. 2012 Colorful beads No, I'm not referring to something that Columbus brought over to trade with the natives, but to a... Martin Joergensen
May 4. 2012 Old fly lines come alive I have worn out a bunch of fly lines in my time. They crack, they break, the coating becomes so... Martin Joergensen
May 2. 2012 Great books translated into German 14 years ago Danish angler, author and journalist (and good friend) Thomas Vinge wrote a couple of... Martin Joergensen
Mar 25. 2012 Sculpin Helmets Great looking sculpins Lee Sieckmann Sculpin are a very common prey for all trout and bass,... Martin Joergensen
Mar 25. 2012 RISE in Copenhagen I have been to several of the previous RISE film festivals, but as a paradox I didn't manage to get... Martin Joergensen
Mar 24. 2012 The fantastic journey of three books We do a lot of book reviews and I won't venture down "book obsessi0n alley" again. I have already... Martin Joergensen
Mar 17. 2012 Expensive books As you might know I'm an avid book consumer and buy a lot of fly-fishing books. My my wife is... Martin Joergensen
Feb 29. 2012 Favorite flies I have made books before and been very happy with them. They haven't sold to anybody but myself and... Martin Joergensen
Feb 26. 2012 The African fly connection We seem to attract African fly tying operations like... well like a certain, smelly substance... Martin Joergensen
Feb 24. 2012 8 minutes ago I just added a trailer for the salmon DVD "A Passion Called Salmon" - 8 minutes ago, actually. Why... Martin Joergensen
Feb 7. 2012 I did it again I routinely visit the virtual Coch-y-Bonddu,, Paul Morgan's Welsh bookstore, which... Martin Joergensen
Feb 3. 2012 What's The Global FlyFisher worth? Sometimes I have sweet dreams about turning GFF into my day job and have the site pay me a salary... Martin Joergensen
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Nov 10. 2011 New (old) books OK, it happened again: my trigger finger slipped and several Amazon vendors as well as my all time... Martin Joergensen
Oct 21. 2011 In Iceland, not fishing... almost I'm not here to fish, but my good friend Nils who lives here, managed to get me out for a day on... Martin Joergensen
Oct 13. 2011 The shoulder thing There was a time where you stuck the rod under an arm when showing a fish. Maybe even just laid it... Martin Joergensen
Oct 6. 2011 Used books and DVDs I have a weakness for books in particular, but I also like to acquire and watch DVDs. Even though... Martin Joergensen
Jul 9. 2011 Moving day... again! It's all in a day's work for Bicycle Repair Man as Monty Python says, and it seems that this... Martin Joergensen
Jun 15. 2011 A terrible day on GFF! Yesterday at this time - late afternoon, early evening - I received a mail from our hosting company... Martin Joergensen
May 25. 2011 GFF lives! Heartbeat Front page Pipeline If you're a regular here on the Global FlyFisher you will have... Martin Joergensen
May 11. 2011 Deep sea flies I usually use ordinary flies tied on hooks. Not too heavy, but ever so often with a bit of weight... Martin Joergensen
Apr 1. 2011 I said so! This being the first of April you never know about stuff like this... I know that this might very... Martin Joergensen
Mar 28. 2011 Danish Fly Festival This past weekend was the time for the Danish Fly Festival, which takes place every second year,... Martin Joergensen
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Nov 26. 2010 Rise in Malmo The Rise Fly Film Festival is a great event arranged by Nick Reygeart, the guy behind the videos... Martin Joergensen
Nov 12. 2010 Fly Film Festival Nick Reygeart known from Gin Clear Media and The Source videos, is arranging a film festival again... Martin Joergensen
May 10. 2010 Sea Trout Secrets A set of very good Danish DVD's on sea trout fishing have been on the market for quite a while now... Martin Joergensen
Apr 6. 2010 My new toy I just unpacked a large package that arrived today. My new toy: a pontoon boat in a one man size.... Martin Joergensen
Mar 29. 2010 New age epoxy Like many fly tyers I shun flies that call for epoxy. I love the flies, but I would prefer not to... Martin Joergensen
Feb 13. 2010 On sale! Yesterday I did a silly thing! I discussed it with my wife in the evening, and when she asked "Does... Martin Joergensen
Feb 6. 2010 Another one! Below the somewhat longish page meant to entice you to buy this fantastic book. If you thought... Martin Joergensen
Jan 29. 2010 Gotta try carp I have always connected carp fishing with warm days, oily water and tonnes of gear: feeders, bite... Martin Joergensen
Jan 15. 2010 A different tube system Danish Morten Bundgaard approached me just before Christmas regarding a new tube system he had made... Martin Joergensen
Jan 6. 2010 GFF had a heart stop If you look at the Global FlyFisher Heart Beat, which shows how many articles The Global FlyFisher... Martin Joergensen
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Nov 14. 2009 Heads or tails Mad Phil. Such a nickname makes some promises. And it seems that Phil might be mad, but he is also... Martin Joergensen
Nov 14. 2009 BC Chronicles part 3 My original intention was to do a whole series of blog entries on our trip to British Columbia, but... Martin Joergensen
Sep 9. 2009 The BC Chronicles part 2 I would have loved to say that planning was running smoothly and everything was on a roll towards... Martin Joergensen
Aug 22. 2009 Picky Bastard Cork You might remember Andy Royer from the excellent DVD Trout Grass about his venture to China to pick... Martin Joergensen
May 15. 2009 DeYoung all over We featured Derek's art here on GFF back in the beginning of 2007, and it seems that this fantastic... Martin Joergensen
Apr 28. 2009 Tupperware-party with fly rods It's rare that a new brand of rods appear, and rare that they are able to compete with the well-... Martin Joergensen
Apr 12. 2009 The BC Chronicles part 1 Just a couple of weeks ago I signed up for an October trip to British Columbia together with my... Martin Joergensen
Apr 2. 2009 Rügen bound A bunch of the German anglers that I know sometimes fish on the Baltic coast of Germany, and the... Martin Joergensen
Mar 8. 2009 Cabin fever The story seems the same every year: when we enter the cold season, say late November and December... Martin Joergensen
Feb 14. 2009 Twitter Don't know what Twitter is? Well, never mind then... but if you do, then you can now follow us on... Martin Joergensen
Jan 15. 2009 This is Fly If you like trashy fonts, anarchistic layout, messy illustrations and gung-ho writing - and fly... Martin Joergensen
Jan 1. 2009 A New Year I should have been out fishing today, but honestly... I chose to sleep in and just take it easy. It... Martin Joergensen
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Nov 24. 2008 Gotta have! We have covered Derek DeYoung's beautiful art in our series about fishy art, and we have always... Martin Joergensen
Nov 15. 2008 Getting there I have slowly been ironing out the small crinkles in the system that drives GFF. Lots of little... Martin Joergensen
Nov 6. 2008 Moved! OK, we're moved to a new and hopefully much less expensive server. But, a few sections aren't... Martin Joergensen
Nov 5. 2008 Moving soon GFF is killing me! Or rather GFF is costing me a small fortune. I thought it would be smart to move... Martin Joergensen
Oct 2. 2008 Partly moved The data comprising the database behind GFF - the one, which has done us so much ill lately - have... Martin Joergensen
Sep 21. 2008 Moving... again Oldtimers on The Global Flyfisher will recognize this type of post. Yes, it's time to move server... Martin Joergensen
Sep 15. 2008 It's over! Thanks to everybody for participating and thanks for being nice and patient regarding... Martin Joergensen
Jun 16. 2008 Hardy DVD Martin Joergensen
Jun 12. 2008 Shooting head fisher? I am currently working on an article on shooting lines as a supplement to our very popular shooting... Martin Joergensen
May 30. 2008 GFF Summit 2008 Several people have already mailed me about the GFF Summit for 2008, and let me start my confirming... Martin Joergensen
May 18. 2008 Ireland bound Wednesday morning I will be picked up at 7 AM and drive to the Copenhagen airport where I will... Martin Joergensen
Apr 29. 2008 King of the moonfish I have only fished on and off for a few minutes here and a few minutes there during my Florida trip... Martin Joergensen
Apr 13. 2008 Florida bound Tomorrow this time I will be in Miami if all goes as planned. And efter that I will spend two weeks... Martin Joergensen
Apr 6. 2008 Thunder Creeks These were the first Thunder Creek streamers I have ever tied. A couple weeks ago I was rummaging... Bob Petti
Mar 23. 2008 Beautiful video Yeah, yeah, I know.... it's a bit cliche, but the language of fly fishing is really International,... Martin Joergensen
Mar 4. 2008 Spring, snow, stress and flu But what do I care about the weather? I have been under -- and still am under -- with a serious flu... Martin Joergensen
Jan 30. 2008 Bloody weather! OK, I know this is January! OK, I know winter is a slow time of the year for anglers. OK, I know of... Martin Joergensen
Jan 25. 2008 365 Flies I'm not one to link between sites - I think that sort of thing gets overdone rather quickly (and I... Bob Petti
Jan 1. 2008 Absolutely last trip! I thought I'd been out for the last time this year when I recorded my podcast Last Trip 2007... but... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 28. 2007 Severely struck I know that it's not really great reading, but I just have to let it out: I have been struck... Martin Joergensen
Dec 13. 2007 White, white, white! This is what it looks outside my window right this minute. Snowing and no stop in site. Already... Bob Petti
Dec 11. 2007 Grey, grey, grey! Can't really see myself near the water any time soon now. The weather has been cloudy, rainy, windy... Martin Joergensen
Nov 26. 2007 Salmon River Chill My fishing buddy Gary and I hit the Salmon River on Saturday for a bit of early winter steelheading... Bob Petti
Nov 16. 2007 Taimen crazy I sometimes feel a little bit crazy when I pursue my silly fishing dreams, go fishing in January or... Martin Joergensen
Nov 14. 2007 Summit pictures I tried to gather as many images as I could from this year's GFF Summit, and I have quite a bunch... Martin Joergensen
Oct 23. 2007 Wanna help? The Server Blues is an old blog thread here on GFF, which has a long history of server moves. This... Martin Joergensen
Oct 20. 2007 A dumb move My good friend Henning and I were fishing yesterday, and had decided to try a new spot. The wind... Martin Joergensen
Oct 10. 2007 Great little roadshow Sometimes a shop, club or other outfit sets up a venue, which deserves some applaud. This was the... Martin Joergensen
Sep 21. 2007 Off to the Summit The GFF Summit 2007 will be in this weekend, and I'll be leaving within ano hour or two. Again we... Martin Joergensen
Sep 13. 2007 Hatches facts In my blog post from earlier today, I expressed some uncertainty about the new magazine "Hatches".... Martin Joergensen
Sep 13. 2007 New magazine Dedicated fly tying magazines are few and far apart. I can actually only think of "Fly Tyer" right... Martin Joergensen
Sep 3. 2007 Podcast hiatus I have been recording and publishing podcasts on GFF for a while, but unfortunately have had to... Martin Joergensen
Aug 30. 2007 Salmon! I was lucky anough to be able to go to Iceland last week. I consider it lucky because it's not a... Martin Joergensen
Aug 8. 2007 Mullets and cows! We had one of these fishing trips a few days ago... one of those that will never be forgotten.... Martin Joergensen
Aug 5. 2007 Nice online flyshop I rarely look at fly fishing sites online... this might seem like a paradox, but honestly: I spend... Martin Joergensen
Jul 31. 2007 Poppers Making poppers is just about as fun as fly tying gets for me. I mean - heck - I hardly fish for... Bob Petti
Jul 20. 2007 Great rod tests Good rod tests are few and far apart if you ask me. UK Magazine Trout&Salmon has some that I... Martin Joergensen
Jul 19. 2007 Monster trout! "Ørret Eldorado" means "Trout Eldorado" in Norwegian and is the very suitable title for a DVD made... Martin Joergensen
Jul 17. 2007 Cool, crazy flies Matti Majorin whose name sounds kind of Finnish, is a fly tyer and angler whose Foam Toad flies... Martin Joergensen
Jul 10. 2007 Server upgrading Running your own web server - as we do - means that some chores have to be done now and then. Right... Martin Joergensen
Jul 8. 2007 Fly tying weather This summer has been the summer that never really came. We had a week or two of hot weather back in... Martin Joergensen
Jul 7. 2007 Russia rules! My only problem with Russian web pages is that they are very hard to read for us non-Russian... Martin Joergensen
Jun 29. 2007 Jan's Bugs Coming soon to a GFF article near you, a very cool set of terrestrial foam flies from across the... Bob Petti
Jun 13. 2007 50$ fly rod/reel/line Just a couple of days ago a flyer arrived in my letterbox. It was from a local supermarket, and on... Martin Joergensen
Jun 11. 2007 Rainbows and virus Thursday morning I plugged my laptop into a socket at my good friend and partner Steven's house (... Martin Joergensen
Jun 4. 2007 It works! Just to prove myself right: the foam-and-rubber-thingy that I made the other day and called Burning... Martin Joergensen
May 30. 2007 Off the Schneid It took me a few outings, but I've finally put the first trout of the season in the net. So I was... Bob Petti
May 30. 2007 Burning Man This fly eventually appeared in its own article here. It's been a while since I have fished tube... Martin Joergensen
May 22. 2007 The man When The Hatch came out from Felt Soul Media I was truly thrilled by it. It was another one of... Martin Joergensen
May 18. 2007 Fish on! Like Martin said recently work has been kicking my butt. I have managed to get out a couple times... Bob Petti
May 17. 2007 Today is GFF day The past couple of months have been a work hell as I have indicated several times. I like to work.... Martin Joergensen
May 7. 2007 Too much work As some of you know, I work as a self-employed consultant on larger web projects. As such I should... Martin Joergensen
Apr 6. 2007 Opening Day 2007 Opening Day this year was met with partly cloudy skies, mild temperatures, and river levels falling... Bob Petti
Mar 25. 2007 Fishing! I have been overloaded with work lately - as some of you may have noticed from the lack of new... Martin Joergensen
Feb 28. 2007 Late Winter My family and I celebrated New Year's Weekend this year by opening the windows and doors to let... Bob Petti
Feb 16. 2007 The move that never came Nerd alert: A while back I announced once again that we needed to move to a new server. You... Martin Joergensen
Feb 8. 2007 And in English After having mailed with Niels Vestergaard - the man behind the DVD's I mentioned a few days back... Martin Joergensen
Feb 6. 2007 Sea trout DVD's The Danish publishing company Salar led by Danish angler Niels Vestergaard has over the laste few... Martin Joergensen
Jan 24. 2007 Caps status The Global FlyFisher cap saga has reached a temporary crescendo - I have the caps in my posession!... Martin Joergensen
Jan 18. 2007 Yes, we have wind too! The autumn 2006 and the first part of January has been very windy, very wet and very warm here in... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 18. 2006 Goosewing Coachman? There are few flies more attractive than a Royal Coachman. The thing is, I don't think the quill... Bob Petti
Dec 12. 2006 Cheated! I have always been a great admirer of R. Valentine Atkinson, who is one of the world's best fishing... Martin Joergensen
Dec 5. 2006 More Jorgensen If you enjoyed the first little video with Poul Jorgensen, this second one will also be worth... Martin Joergensen
Nov 22. 2006 Server blues... again During the 10 year existence of GFF we have outgrown several hard drives, several servers and... Martin Joergensen
Nov 14. 2006 Poul Jorgensen video While browsing the fine Danish web site Scandic Angler, I stumbled upon this excellent video with... Martin Joergensen
Oct 27. 2006 Salmon River Skunking My fishing buddy Gary and I spent last Saturday on the Salmon River fighting the high water levels... Bob Petti
Oct 10. 2006 GFF Caps Many years ago in the late childhood or early adolescence of GFF, partner Steve Schweitzer had a... Martin Joergensen
Oct 8. 2006 Summit pictures I have just added a GFF Summit category to the GFF Pix section, which means that images from this... Martin Joergensen
Oct 7. 2006 I wish Not that I don't get to fish. I certanly do! More than most people actually. Dutch Jay Lee's blog... Martin Joergensen
Oct 3. 2006 Tis the season ... If all goes well, I will be getting some of these clown eggs wet next weekend, hoping to connect to... Bob Petti
Sep 28. 2006 First Day of Autumn After a summer that alternated between bibical floods and stifling heat and humidity, the season is... Bob Petti
Sep 3. 2006 First autumn day After a summer of pretty extreme heat for these parts of the world, we have just endured an August... Martin Joergensen
Aug 9. 2006 Not quite Here in Denmark we have now had the 40th day with what is referred to as "bathing temperatures".... Martin Joergensen
Aug 2. 2006 Hot Current Weather: 105.8 °F / 41.0 °C Clear Beaverkill and Willowemoc both too hot to fish. Best to... Bob Petti
Jun 30. 2006 Flood Earlier this week, the drainages of the Delaware and Susquehanna rivers got a deluged by rain and... Bob Petti
Jun 30. 2006 Mullet hunting! I have been out looking for mullet on a couple of occasions already this season, but only found... Martin Joergensen
Jun 6. 2006 Mel Krieger Arrangements with casting instructions are quite common, and more and more manufacturers and shops... Martin Joergensen
May 31. 2006 Bumpy GFF We're currently trying to clean out a whole lot of old and bad code on GFF and that will give a few... Martin Joergensen
May 28. 2006 Forum down Due to some maintenance and restructuring of our database, we have had to bring the forum down for... Martin Joergensen
May 8. 2006 A Fine Fish In my part of the world, rainbow trout are exotic fish. They certainly are not native to NY waters... Bob Petti
May 1. 2006 The Rise This past weekend, I met a couple friends for a day's fishing on Willowemoc Creek. I was walking... Bob Petti
Apr 23. 2006 What a day! The day actually started off quite bad with cold northern wind, which was somewhat a disappointment... Martin Joergensen
Apr 20. 2006 Global braid In a recent podcast I was talking about the price of fly tying material and in particular the price... Martin Joergensen
Apr 18. 2006 Thanks The guy is my bestest fishing buddy Gary - who is also seen on my staff page. He's the guy... Bob Petti
Apr 18. 2006 Cool pictures Bob, Excellent pictures from the new camera! Love that one with the guy on the rocks. That water... Martin Joergensen
Apr 14. 2006 Maiden Voyage It's fun to get new toys. The Minolta G500 came through with flying colors during its maiden voyage... Bob Petti
Apr 3. 2006 Opening Day - After Well, we fished. The weather was almost typical Opening Day. It was actually warm when I left the... Bob Petti
Mar 31. 2006 Opening Day! The Opening Day of Trout Season is tomorrow here in New York. I will be meeting some friends to... Bob Petti
Mar 31. 2006 Locked and Loaded One of my pre season chores is sorting out my flox boxes. You know - discarding flies that have... Bob Petti
Mar 30. 2006 Bornholm! As the regular GFF visitor may have noticed, I embark on a week-long trip to the Danish island of... Martin Joergensen
Mar 20. 2006 Like in zero? Bob, Find comfort in the fact that my last trip was a zero-fish trip too. And the trip before that... Martin Joergensen
Mar 20. 2006 Make that None The weather forecast was far better than the fishing forecast, but a day on the river is better... Bob Petti
Feb 27. 2006 Make that 15,000 The book and the web site I mentioned in my latest blog entry promises you that you will catch more... Martin Joergensen
Feb 27. 2006 A million trout Look at the three web pages below. What you see at first glance are three classical money-making-... Martin Joergensen
Feb 23. 2006 Forum thoughts The discussion forum on GFF is not the busiest place on the planet and has never been. Personally I... Martin Joergensen
Feb 22. 2006 New shooting line While visiting my good friend and graphics designer Nils Joergensen yesterday I had a short talk... Martin Joergensen
Feb 15. 2006 Casting instruction instruction I went to a casting instruction last night. Together with a bunch of friends we drove 30-40 minutes... Martin Joergensen
Feb 13. 2006 No Fly Fair! It seems that this year's incarnation of the famous Dutch fly show The Fly Fair has been cancelled... Martin Joergensen
Jan 19. 2006 Server Blues For those who have followed this site for more than a few years the Server Blues will be a well... Martin Joergensen
Jan 10. 2006 Wheee! A friend sent me a link to this amazing video. It's shot in the Brazilian jungle it seems and... Martin Joergensen
Jan 10. 2006 Charts Sometimes I do a little surfing in order to keep myself updated on what's happening regarding fly... Martin Joergensen
Post date Title Content Author
Dec 20. 2005 Clouser hook Got a response from Joe Cornwall, with a great tip for getting those Clousers uniform. Martin... Martin Joergensen
Dec 20. 2005 Classic Clouser The Clouser Minnow is one of the fly patterns that I have seen in most fly boxes ever. It is used... Martin Joergensen
Dec 13. 2005 Amazing flies I just got a tip on a site, which contains the results of the Irish Open Flytying Championship 2004... Martin Joergensen
Dec 12. 2005 The Hatch My good freind (and GFF contributor) Kasper pointed my attention to The Hatch and Felt Soul Media.... Martin Joergensen
Dec 10. 2005 Bass gizmos I have always been awestruck by bass tournaments! I have only see brief cuts from tv shows showing... Martin Joergensen
Dec 7. 2005 Nerd stuff Global Flyfisher is a playground in more than one way. On one hand it's a place where we partners... Martin Joergensen
Dec 6. 2005 Great mullet video I meet with a bunch of friends once a week to share flies and lies - and drink coffee and eat... Martin Joergensen
Nov 21. 2005 Big Fish, Little Fish (Ode to Dr. Seuss) Trout come in all sizes, and I like 'em all. Bob Petti
Nov 21. 2005 Head Shots In spite of floods, droughts, and bum knees, it was still a pretty good season. Who can complain... Bob Petti
Nov 15. 2005 Pike rods Yep, you are right. It did say great looking. Now, why would that be interesting? Because... Martin Joergensen
Nov 6. 2005 Pike! I have written about fishing for pike in the salt before, and might do so again, because this... Martin Joergensen
Nov 1. 2005 Sexyloops I have mentioned the site Sexyloops before, but just feel like doing so again. I spent half an hour... Martin Joergensen
Oct 19. 2005 Re: Fantastic weeks! Wow. Martin - congrats on the fine fish. I have heard the Fall Run up north has been especially... Bob Petti
Oct 17. 2005 Fantastic weeks! 10stille My family decided to go on a diving holiday in Egypt. I decided to stay home. I'm... Martin Joergensen
Sep 29. 2005 Copies! I recently moaned about a copy of an article from The Global FlyFisher, and actually managed to get... Martin Joergensen
Sep 7. 2005 Re: Do You? I do!! Oh man, Martin. We are like brothers in this regard. I have tins filled to overflowing with... Bob Petti
Sep 3. 2005 Do you? I just spent a couple of days going through all my fly tying stuff, my books and my fly fishing... Martin Joergensen
Sep 2. 2005 Death and the flybox While fishing the coast for a few hour yesterday, I caught a nice sea trout. My intention was to... Martin Joergensen
Aug 28. 2005 Theft! Update [August 29th 2005]. Just to set things straight: I did get an email from the Tri-State... Martin Joergensen
Aug 19. 2005 Re: Bream Bob, these guys (or girls) may be big, but they're limp and not very willing to fight anything.... Martin Joergensen
Aug 18. 2005 Bream Suckerfish, huh, Bob? How about this one: Was away yesterday on a small scouting trip, My aim was... Martin Joergensen
Aug 18. 2005 Re: Bream That's a big fish. There's no shame in fishing for "non sport fish" fish. Heck - I once went... Bob Petti
Aug 7. 2005 Cat days? Since it's called dog days when it's warm, is it then called cat days when it's cold? In that case... Martin Joergensen
Aug 5. 2005 Dog Days I've been reduced to this. Sight fishing for suckers in the clear pools of the Beaverkill, with... Bob Petti
Aug 1. 2005 Too many fish... I just returned from a short trip through Denmark with my family. A very nice trip with visits to... Martin Joergensen
Jul 20. 2005 Submit your pictures We are currently working on a new function on the Global FlyFisher: GFFPix - the Global FlyFisher's... Martin Joergensen
Jul 18. 2005 Comment this! We do recieve quite a lot of comments to our stuff online, and in many cases they are both... Martin Joergensen
Jul 7. 2005 Landing pike I was flyfishing for pike with my good friend Asger on a lake recently, and we had fairly good... Martin Joergensen
Jul 2. 2005 In my list of sites, which I like, I almost forgot the more than excellent This... Martin Joergensen
Jun 28. 2005 I asked for it One of our long time contributors returned to me on the "link challenge". Chris wrote: Now you've... Martin Joergensen
Jun 27. 2005 Favorite sites We have never really had a links page on GFF, and never really missed having one either. There are... Martin Joergensen
Jun 22. 2005 New search We have for a long time relied on Google as the engine in our search facility, but for some reason... Martin Joergensen
Jun 13. 2005 Practise, man! The old Albert Hall joke still goes around between musicians, and is probably as true as it is... Martin Joergensen
Jun 7. 2005 Popper fun I have fished a few poppers in my time. Most of the simple ones with a bare foam head and some... Martin Joergensen
Jun 2. 2005 Back at it The torn cartilage has been cleaned up, and thanks to the miracles of modern surgical techniques it... Bob Petti
May 28. 2005 Where'd they go? We had an April out of this world on the Danish coast, and I expreienced fishing for sea trout like... Martin Joergensen
May 26. 2005 Beaverkill Brown The short story of this trout season has been one of extremes. The season started with 100 year... Bob Petti
May 9. 2005 Step on it! Rods break -- more often than I like to believe, actually. During the last few years I have seen... Martin Joergensen
Apr 29. 2005 Re: Fantastic Spring Things are not quite as fantastic. My home county was subject to "100 year floods" the day after my... Bob Petti
Apr 19. 2005 Fantastic spring You know that when farmers say that crops are OK, the harvest is beyond their wildest dreams. It... Martin Joergensen
Apr 4. 2005 Opening Day First off - sorry, no pics. The one time I tried to snap a pic, I was unprepared. The rest of the... Bob Petti
Mar 17. 2005 In awe I am working on a theme on fly fishing for bonefish, and have been hunting around for suitable... Martin Joergensen
Feb 26. 2005 Tracking you I personally call it Amazonisation (or Amazonification) - a term that I developed in my every day... Martin Joergensen
Jan 25. 2005 Bright future If you thought that maintaining a site like GFF was just about tying flies, going fishing, taking... Martin Joergensen
Jan 23. 2005 Beautiful day Went fishing, caught nothing, enjoyed it immensely! 10stille 10stille... Martin Joergensen
Jan 16. 2005 January fish Usually I consider January and February as the two absolutely slowest months of the year - fishing... Martin Joergensen
Jan 5. 2005 Fall trout Here in Denmark we still strive through gale force winds and there is no chance of getting out to... Martin Joergensen
Jan 2. 2005 New Year Trout Well - this was a first. I've never caught a trout in January before. It was colder than the low 40... Bob Petti
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Dec 31. 2004 Happy New Year! So 2004 is ending... And what's the status for GFF? Well, we partners have all been way too busy... Martin Joergensen
Dec 25. 2004 Merry Christmas! Christmas time is usually a time that sees little fishing. Not only is the weather mostly not very... Martin Joergensen
Dec 22. 2004 Did go, was dull 10stille ...and to no avail. The weather was terrible as expected and the fishing was slow... Martin Joergensen
Dec 13. 2004 Dull, dull, dull... Tomorrow I'll go fishing! I haven't been out for almost a month, so that'll be a change. The... Martin Joergensen
Dec 10. 2004 Box of Wets I've been messing around with the classic wet flies lately. They are fun to tie, and really pretty... Bob Petti
Nov 23. 2004 GFF e-cards Back when we had another hosting provider we actually did have e-cards on GFF - and very popular... Martin Joergensen
Nov 20. 2004 Paul's diary I just ordrered Chris Mann's new book on tube flies and hair wings through Coch-y-Bonddu Books' web... Martin Joergensen
Nov 12. 2004 GFF 10 years old Today I suddenly realized that Global FlyFisher is turning 10 very soon. I'm not really sure how... Martin Joergensen
Oct 28. 2004 Last Trout of the Year Got to fish for an hour or so last Saturday, so I headed to Roscoe to see if I could dredge up one... Bob Petti
Oct 19. 2004 Great fish, Bob Those are REALLY nice fish! As I have said before: I'd wish I had stream fishing like that... Martin Joergensen
Oct 18. 2004 I fish too! Well, sure, Martin travels the globe to fish some exotic locations as British Columbia and Belize,... Bob Petti
Oct 10. 2004 My GFF cap gone! I recently returned from a fishing trip to British Columbia - a lot of experiences richer but one... Martin Joergensen
Oct 3. 2004 Reel Seats A couple weeks ago, I bought a couple reel seat inserts from a fellow who had a few parts listed on... Bob Petti
Sep 21. 2004 Salmon Season The sky is still dark when my alarm goes off on a work day. There's a chill in the air that... Bob Petti
Sep 14. 2004 Europe's Cutest Potbelly Bob, I know that people with more pondus than myself will laugh, but skinny I'm not - as you can... Martin Joergensen
Sep 13. 2004 Europe's Greatest Sandwich I know the chances of beating an American at something American is close to none. Just think of the... Martin Joergensen
Sep 13. 2004 Skunked I fished the Beaverkill yesterday morning and got skunked. But the thing is - I never once entered... Bob Petti
Sep 13. 2004 Europe's Greatest Sandwich but only skinny guys like you can eat like that. Bob Petti
Sep 10. 2004 World's Greatest Sandwich (Can you tell I'm working from home today, and that I'm working in my fly tying room?) Ahem. Where... Bob Petti
Sep 10. 2004 Fly Tying To-Do Lists I do very little fly tying during the fishing season. As soon as the weather turns nice, there are... Bob Petti
Sep 10. 2004 Hook Fetish Do all fly tyers have a fetish for hooks? It seems I cannot get enough. I look in my hook drawer... Bob Petti
Sep 1. 2004 Whirly gig When I left my office in the basement today to fetch something in the living room, I looked out the... Martin Joergensen
Aug 30. 2004 Ouch! 10stille Henning Eskol Henning was not totally unhappy and we really enjoyed the... Martin Joergensen
Aug 29. 2004 Summer has gone For a temperate salt water angler as me, water temperatures are an important factor, deciding... Martin Joergensen
Aug 26. 2004 Chained, really   Tropical 10stille Fish Martin Joergensen Martin Henning Eskol... Martin Joergensen
Aug 18. 2004 Hornbergs Back in the winter of 00/01, some guys on Raske's streamers@ list swapped some Hornbergs. After... Bob Petti
Aug 13. 2004 Bamboo Rod Building The final installment is online. All we need is a review and a thumbs up from the author, and she'... Bob Petti
Aug 9. 2004 Heat 10stille Claus Paludan I was complaining about the rainy and cold weather in... Martin Joergensen
Jul 13. 2004 A rainy November Usually I connect summer with my beloved night fishing for sea trout. Warm, calm evenings with the... Martin Joergensen
Jun 29. 2004 Esopus Creek I've never been to Montana, and I've never fished the Madison for rainbows. This past weekend, I... Bob Petti
Jun 14. 2004 Beaverkill I think we're well into summertime conditions in the Catskills. I fished the Beaverkill this past... Bob Petti
Jun 13. 2004 Spinning I rarely spin fish any more. I used to a lot, but somehow fly fishing got a better hold and seemed... Martin Joergensen
Jun 7. 2004 Re: Envy, envy! Sometime the grass is just greener, huh? I'm longing for the streams, when I have some great ocean... Martin Joergensen
Jun 3. 2004 Re: Envy, envy! There are ups and downs of living in the Catskills. One obvious up is the abundance of trout... Bob Petti
Jun 2. 2004 Envy, envy! Those pictures are really nice, Bob! I wish I was the one that had a stream as close to my house as... Martin Joergensen
Jun 1. 2004 Oh yeah - the fish What beautiful fish. They would crash a CDC&Elk or a Foam Humpy with abandon, but only if you... Bob Petti
Jun 1. 2004 Small Streams I found a real gem of a small stream near my house. No sounds of nearby traffic, or farm equipment... Bob Petti
May 26. 2004 Gurgler Mania It's no surprise to anyone who's fished a Gartside Gurgler that fish take them well, but this was... Bob Petti
May 22. 2004 Pictures in books I am currently reading through a few of the many new books I have bought and recieved for review... Martin Joergensen
May 18. 2004 Never again! I had a very disappointing experience yesterday. I was on an assigment for a printed magazine that... Martin Joergensen
Apr 8. 2004 Crummy Work Days and Flytying In a construction PM job I used to have circa 1994 or so, I was on lengthy phone calls ALOT,... Steve Schweitzer
Apr 8. 2004 Crummy Work Days and Flytying In a construction PM job I used to have circa 1994 or so, I was on lengthy phone calls ALOT,... Steve Schweitzer
Apr 2. 2004 Opening Day Got out for a bit of Opening Day yesterday. It was cold - mid 40's - with a steady rain and drizzle... Bob Petti
Mar 30. 2004 Last Minute Panic No leaders. Lines still dirty from last season. Flies in little bins on my desk, not in boxes in... Bob Petti
Mar 18. 2004 Tears for Bornholm Well, tonite, my Danish bretheren are preparing to leave on their annual spring fishing fling to... Steve Schweitzer
Mar 17. 2004 Preparing for Bornholm So it's that week of the year: the week that ends with a trip on the night ferry to Danish island... Martin Joergensen
Mar 16. 2004 A five sea trout day So it came at last - spring. For one short hour in one short day at least... and more may come. We... Martin Joergensen
Mar 11. 2004 Spring around the corner So it's March... and according to the almanarc March indicates the beginning of spring. The first... Martin Joergensen
Mar 5. 2004 More MicroBlunder Musings So I did an update to my winXP-pro opsys and meandered through the menu structure to see what all... Steve Schweitzer
Mar 4. 2004 Multiplexed Microsoft Mayhem Ok. Let’s get this straight. I’m a consultant that works at my client’s digs. They usually... Steve Schweitzer
Feb 29. 2004 First fish This Friday I went out fishing for the third or fourth time this year. It was bitterly cold, and... Martin Joergensen
Feb 19. 2004 Waterhen Bloa Over the weekend, I tied up a couple dozen soft hackled flies. I love 'em, and fish them quite... Bob Petti
Feb 13. 2004 Stalcup's D Rib I'm really started to like Shane Stalcup's "D Rib" material. It's one of those stretchy solid... Bob Petti
Feb 3. 2004 I'm going fishing Some friends and I are planning a trip for some pike fishing this year. I haven't caught a pike on... Bob Petti
Feb 3. 2004 Rod Builders... Listen Up! It is no secret that GFF thrives on the contributions of guest authors. If you are a rod builder... Bob Petti
Jan 26. 2004 New facilities One of the great things about moving to a new server was getting more control with things. We are... Martin Joergensen
Jan 12. 2004 Largely painless server move So we moved to a new server... And then what? Not much! ...I hope... You shouldn't feel any... Martin Joergensen
Jan 5. 2004 GFF on a new server We have long been plagued by slow service from our previous web space provider Communitech/... Martin Joergensen
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Dec 29. 2003 How to Start the New Year's Right Well, it's December 29th and I'm packing up my gear for a 4 day fishing adventure that will take me... Steve Schweitzer
Dec 24. 2003 Best wishes I'm sitting here digesting a traditional Danish Christmas meal - goose, potatoes, red cabbage and... Martin Joergensen
Dec 20. 2003 First snow in DK, First skiing in CO!! Well, Denmark got it's first snow and I went skiing for the first time this year...a great day at... Steve Schweitzer
Dec 18. 2003 Lamson's new reels I will buy a reel for a friend - partly as payment for some money I owe him and partly as a... Martin Joergensen
Dec 15. 2003 First snow and New Zealand I guess we're a bit late... the recent Northeastener gave the Norheastern corner of the US plenty... Martin Joergensen
Dec 11. 2003 Re: Czech Nymphing I tied up a bunch of Czech Nymphs last year following Oliver Edwards' directions. They are easy... Bob Petti
Dec 10. 2003 Czech nymphing I stumbled on this excellent site while preparing my article "Going Deep" about fishing nymphs deep... Martin Joergensen
Dec 4. 2003 Disk Space Blues; Yippee for New Year's!! Yep, Martin hit it on the head with his musing on the hosting industry. But I kinda figure that... Steve Schweitzer
Dec 1. 2003 Disk Space Blues We have the Web Server Disk Space Blues - again! It might not be known - maybe not even obvious -... Martin Joergensen
Nov 25. 2003 Before the talkies Bob P noted my noble reasons for doing the original site that precursed GFF in black and white...... Martin Joergensen
Nov 25. 2003 Mass Production, one at a time The nymph project? Remember? Tying a box full of my favorite two nymph patterns? Well, my plan was... Bob Petti
Nov 25. 2003 Nymph Project I just ordered some hooks so that I might be able to finish off my nymph project before the end of... Bob Petti
Nov 24. 2003 Re: 100 days! 10 years! Ah yeah - the black and white scans. I liked 'em! I remember wondering why Martin did all his... Bob Petti
Nov 24. 2003 Morning coffee, winter waders and Christmas tree lights I awoke yesterday to 4" of snow and crisp of my friends reported minus-11F... Steve Schweitzer
Nov 24. 2003 100 days! 10 years! Time really does fly! Yesterday the GFF Blog passed it's 100th day. Amazing! I remeber installing... Martin Joergensen
Nov 20. 2003 Re: Winter waders Bootfoot neoprenes seem to be the wader of choice for hard core steelhead fishermen in the Great... Bob Petti
Nov 20. 2003 Re: Winter waders Neoprene still has a place in the cold weather angler's closet. Just not the stockingfoot variety... Bob Petti
Nov 19. 2003 Winter waders I bought my first breathable waders - a pair of Vision Extremes - some years ago and haven't used... Martin Joergensen
Nov 11. 2003 So this is Xmas..?! It happens every year, and still it surprises me. Yesterday I was fishing, and looking at the... Martin Joergensen
Nov 7. 2003 Arctic Runner Got an article coming up on flies tied w/ Arctic Runner hair by Deryn Lacombe. Really nice stuff.... Bob Petti
Nov 3. 2003 Earning my luck Well, not to rub it in guys, but I did fish this weekend (and last by the way). And I expect to go... Martin Joergensen
Nov 3. 2003 Thinking and not doing Here's my dilemma...I am working for 2 clients right now, trying to eek out a self-employed living... Steve Schweitzer
Oct 31. 2003 Too many rods? The answer is obvious, right? As many as he is capable of obtaining. Yeah .... but ... At last... Bob Petti
Oct 30. 2003 Book Addiction I'm starting to worry. I have a pile of at least four book at home that are waiting to be read... Bob Petti
Oct 29. 2003 Sneak Peek Before they hit the front page - here's some stuff in the pipeline: Imitative Fly Tying Tying... Bob Petti
Oct 29. 2003 Re: Lucky Me! I fished last Tuesday. Connetquot on Long Island. What a place. At one point I stopped fishing and... Bob Petti
Oct 17. 2003 Lucky me! During a recent conversation with a good (fishing) friend, he asked me how much I fish a year. I... Martin Joergensen
Oct 7. 2003 Mad dogs... Even though the coastal fishing in Denmark is excellent in October - producing up to 10 percent of... Martin Joergensen
Oct 2. 2003 Paralysis by Analysis A friend called the other day and asked if I had seen the latest Fly Fisherman magazine article... Bob Petti
Sep 30. 2003 GFF needs your input!! Wow…it’s been awhile since I’ve published an article on GFF…I have several books reviewed... Steve Schweitzer
Sep 25. 2003 Re: In the pipeline More stuff in the hopper for GFF: Book reviews: Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies, by Dave... Bob Petti
Sep 24. 2003 Blackout Kluting Yesterday at 12:36 the power went with a pop in all the house. I'm located in front of three... Martin Joergensen
Sep 21. 2003 In the pipeline Even though the rate of publishing has been fairly slow the recent few months, there is no reason... Martin Joergensen
Sep 16. 2003 The Great Nymph Project, II Well, the Great Nymph Project has started. This past weekend, I spun about 50 dubbing brushes for... Bob Petti
Sep 13. 2003 Soucie's many books I don't remember for how long I have been corresponding with Gary Soucie - but it's a long time... Martin Joergensen
Sep 12. 2003 Harrison Steeves First time in years that I've paid full retail for a fly tying book. I'm more of a "wait and get it... Bob Petti
Sep 8. 2003 Cements and polishes and glues, oh my! I did a bit of desk organizing this weekend and realized I have *way* too many bottles of what can... Bob Petti
Sep 7. 2003 One of those days I had planned to go fishing again today. With my wife Birgitte and assorted fishing friends, who... Martin Joergensen
Sep 5. 2003 Rainbows galore As promised I went off on the first coastal trip of the autumn today. And it as as good as expected... Martin Joergensen
Sep 5. 2003 Another new book Ok - I will admit. I'm hooked on ebay. It is as if I have access to every used book dealer on the... Bob Petti
Sep 4. 2003 The Great Nymph Project A nymph fished carefully and in fear of being lost to a snag is a nymph that is not being used... Bob Petti
Sep 2. 2003 Beware Rust Early this Spring, our house suffered the damages from a broken water pipe, which lead to the... Bob Petti
Sep 1. 2003 Autumn season begins The autumn season starts theis Friday! On the day! And why that? Well, because I am going fishing... Martin Joergensen
Aug 29. 2003 Trophies on Display Tomorrow I'm going to the NY State Fair with my wife, primarily to see a concert, but also to... Bob Petti
Aug 28. 2003 Framing flies I have for a long time wanted to do a GFF article on framing flies. By many referred to as shadow... Martin Joergensen
Aug 27. 2003 New Rods Soon to be published - a review of the Lamiglas Appalachian series. I was sent a 7'6" 3pc 4wt to... Bob Petti
Aug 27. 2003 Soccer Practice Yesterday was my daughter's first soccer practice. As fun as it is to watch a handful of 6-year-... Bob Petti
Aug 25. 2003 Chill in the air A chilly weekend, by this year's standards. I can almost hear the fish staging off the shore in... Bob Petti
Aug 25. 2003 Chill in the water I just returned from a short swim in the sea close to where I live. It was cold! And that is good... Martin Joergensen
Aug 24. 2003 All work and no play What kind of life is this? It's Sunday, the sun is shining and the wind has calmed down after a few... Martin Joergensen
Aug 23. 2003 Iceland As I sit here running through a cd sent from Icelandic friend Jon, I remember my all too short trip... Martin Joergensen
Aug 21. 2003 New Zealand Just watched a feature on New Zealand flyfishing on Danish television. That to top my recent run... Martin Joergensen
Aug 21. 2003 Fishing and Cameras This year, I have not taken a camera with me while fishing. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?... Bob Petti
Aug 21. 2003 A Man May Fish A friend gave me a copy of TC Kingsmill Moore's "A Man May Fish" yesterday. Well - it arrived in... Bob Petti
Aug 20. 2003 Catskill Flea Market The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum is having it's annual Flea Market on August 30th. I... Bob Petti
Aug 20. 2003 Orvis CFO Discontinued? I've heard that Orvis is discontinuing it's famed CFO series of reels. I've seen some being dumped... Bob Petti
Aug 20. 2003 Chub and bream I have always thought that if it can be caught on a fly it's worth fishing for. Come to think about... Martin Joergensen
Aug 19. 2003 Fun with slides Just ended e great evening with a few fishing friends looking at old and new slides. Shown on a... Martin Joergensen
Aug 18. 2003 Denver Tackle Dealer Show The Tackle Dealer Show is a great show, which GFF attended last year and had great fun, met some... Martin Joergensen
Aug 17. 2003 Still warm Sunny winter day Birgitte Claussen The summer is not over yet. It is still... Martin Joergensen
Aug 17. 2003 Interesting tools Mike Hogue of Badger Creek Fly Tying announced in his recent newsletter that he is developing a new... Martin Joergensen
Aug 15. 2003 Second for the same day Only 1 hour into developement and it is already taking shape. Martin Joergensen
Aug 15. 2003 First GFFBlog entry I thought it might be fun to add a new Weblog to GFF. We often have stuff to offer that isn't... Martin Joergensen
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Nov 16. 1998 November 16th 1998 This year is not the most tempting though, because the fishing has been quite slow until now and... Martin Joergensen
Nov 10. 1998 November 10th 1998 So it snows again Cabin fever is usually not the Danish coastal fishers' big problem. The season... Martin Joergensen
Oct 10. 1998 October 10th 1998 Few trout... and many I've been fishing quite a lot for sea trout lately. I've had a couple of... Martin Joergensen
Sep 6. 1998 September 6th 1998 A favorite season Usually September is considered the last summer month in regards to fishing. This... Martin Joergensen
Jul 11. 1998 July 11th 1998 The summer fishing is dependent on two things - stable, warm weather and cold water. These two... Martin Joergensen
May 11. 1998 May 11th 1998 Trout! So it happened... I have just been browsing the earlier reports in this section, and have... Martin Joergensen
Apr 12. 1998 April 12th 1998 Spring at last! This spring has brought some hope for a season that will look like a normal one.... Martin Joergensen
Post date Title Content Author
Nov 5. 1997 November 5th 1997 Many small fish The autumn still seems to hold strong. Lots of reports are coming in, and there... Martin Joergensen
Oct 17. 1997 October 17th 1997 The trout have returned After a terrible 1996, a dissapointing spring this year and an extremely... Martin Joergensen
May 25. 1997 May 25th 1997 Sea trout and garfish Spring is reluctant to take over completely, and the weather is still... Martin Joergensen
Apr 23. 1997 April 23rd 1997 A normal season Everything indicates that this season will be far better than the last one - which... Martin Joergensen
Mar 6. 1997 March 6th 1997 The sea trout season has started... ...and then again hasn't. The Bonanza from last year hasn't... Martin Joergensen
Jan 20. 1997 January 20th 1997 The ice is gone... After a couple of long months - November and December - with very nice but very... Martin Joergensen
Post date Title Content Author
Dec 12. 1996 December 12th 1996 A couple of questions from Germany I recieved an e-mail today and will let that be the first 'Right... Martin Joergensen
Oct 30. 1996 October 30th 1996 The first autumn storm The first autumn storm is sweeping the nation. High velocity winds, rising... Martin Joergensen
Aug 6. 1996 August 6th 1996 Summertime... The last 2-3 weeks have been really warm here, and summer is now as summer should be... Martin Joergensen
Jun 9. 1996 June 9th 1996 Water is warming up fast The summer is upon us. Before you could say 'trout' the temperature rose... Martin Joergensen
May 31. 1996 May 31st 1996 It is a strange spring There's still no trout worth mentioning in sight. Amazing! We will soon be... Martin Joergensen
May 13. 1996 May 13th 1996 That #?%&/# wind! This spring has been a strange one. I have never experienced anything that... Martin Joergensen
Apr 29. 1996 April 29th 1996 The garfish are here Well, the header says it all. As usual in late April and early May, the Danish... Martin Joergensen
Apr 26. 1996 April 26th 1996 Fish early and late This has been a strange spring. All March was icy and cold, and the usual... Martin Joergensen
Apr 20. 1996 April 20th 1996 Whadda short spring that was Just two weeks ago it was still winter. Now it's summer, guys wear... Martin Joergensen
Apr 4. 1996 Start of April 1996 Denmark is still a cold place Due to the long and cold winter, the season is only slowly starting.... Martin Joergensen